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Why 3D Movement Games Are Unpopular (Advanced Warfare Gameplay Commentary)

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Titanfall, Destiny, and Advanced Warfare where HUGE titles all released within the last year or so but have all failed to make gamers like 3D movement in FPS games. The audience still seems to prever mroe or less 2D movement. Why is this? Why hasn’t it panned out? This video gives a brief history of why the games “failed” in that reguard, why the movements were chosen to begin with, why they were not liked, and finally how BO3 is attempt to do it differently.
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  1. I don't think I've ever seen anyone complain about the 3D movement in Destiny. In fact, it's usually praised when talked about. I think that's because you weren't boosting around everywhere, and jumps were nowhere near as high. The different jumps were also pretty unique, except the Hunter's Double Jump of course. In the air, your accuracy sucks, so jumping around isn't disrupting gunfights. I think Bungie got 3D movement down almost perfectly.

  2. There is only one thing that could kill Call of Duty,we all know it is HALO… It might not be the halo we all love and miss,but if it hits then cod will be done! Halo is the undisputed KING of fps games.

  3. I am personally on the same boat and actually do enjoy the 3d movement mechanics. In mw2 days, I was able to proficiently play the game based on a certain skillset that I had earned from playing the game quite a bit. However, AW comes along and brings a different element to it. I enjoy the 3d movement because it requires a higher situational awareness that the other cod's didn't. Yes you can move across the map at a very rapid pace, so that means you have to be able to predict player movement/paths accordingly. Some people just don't like it because of the complexity, or the gimmicky-ness of it, but it's all based on personal preference imo. Some will like it, some wont. I congratulate sledgehammer for taking a risk like such.

  4. call of duty was based off of the quake engine

  5. I really wouldn't call destiny a 3d shooter cuz if you fly in the open you'll get torn apart

  6. Am I the only person here with absolutely no clue what Attack on Titan is?

  7. cs is over a decade old and still pushes millions upon millions of monthly players, while still exponentially growing. There is something obviously different about it.

  8. Hey Drift0r, how about The Last of Us Multiplayer? I found that experience to be so refreshing compared to the standard FPS.

  9. I like how the most simpletons forget about the quake and unreal tournament series.

  10. Seems like the biggest thing has been lack of testing. Wonder who thought a huge skull should pop up for system hack should happen. Titanfall didn't seem like a complete game. Destiny definitely mmoish and with lack of endgame content loss of players. Games need to have a good public test to figure out these problems to find out what players are gravitating too.

  11. After some thinking I think I know why 3D FPS are having a hard time in the market:

    1) People fail to adapt to the new mechanics. Most people who complain are usually lazy and don't want to take the time to learn.

    2) Players these days like to take the easy way out. Whatever it is camping, using Top Tier (or God Tier) weapons, perks, or tactics. They don't want to work for their victories because they are afraid to take a loss like a man.

    Titanfall and AW suppressed or even took Camping away entirely, making players work for their wins , which is a good thing since it rewards those who actually worked for their wins. But since most people who lame out their wins rather than work for it can't do that, they complain because their camping/lame tactics fail or even resort to using Top Tier weapons to get their victory. People like them shouldn't even be playing these kinds of games if they are not going to adapt or work for them. It makes me sad how people play multiplayer games these days.

  12. the exo suits should have simply been a very sparsely useable mechanic, for extreme escapes useable once or twice per life… problem solved

  13. lets be honest, the majority don't like the exo movement they couldn't adapt. I'm not saying they did it perfect but chaining exo movements and aiming just didn't mesh well with the casual gamers like they intended. AW wasn't bad but it's really button intensive and can punish those without scufs or those that don't play claw.

  14. Cod jugg looks like titanfalls titans and u get in the suit kinda the same way coincidence or nah

  15. There goes CS fanboys, complaining about "copy pasted" COD, while playing same maps for 10 years now, wow.
    There was always a way to play competitive, there's ranked play and S&D and it's WAY more fun that CS, sorry.

  16. Titanfall's failure had extremely little to do with its gameplay, and everything to do with the fact that it was a $60 multiplayer-only title, launched with only 5 playlists (plus one variety pack that cycled through them all), "only" 15 maps, essentially no customization, no wave/horde mode, and then to top it all off, absolutely no custom games/private matches.

    The gameplay is almost universally praised, from what I can see. They just ran out of funds in development and it created some issues that couldn't be forgiven or justified in a $60 title for some people.

  17. Destiny didn't fail because of the gameplay mechanics. Quite the contrary actually. The gameplay was about the only thing that was really appealing about the game, and it COULD have been an amazing title, had it not been for the lack of content, boring mission design, everlasting grinding and unlogical and frustrating loot system.

  18. casuls campers tryhards just cant handle it

  19. Advanced warfare was better than black ops 2, THIS IS AN OPINION, I DONT CARE WHAT YOU SAY, the way the exo movements were, everyone was happy at first when they thought they could get to higher grounds quicker, so what if it's slightly harder to kill people? That's a new feature in a cod game, that at least a few people have been wanting. They have wanted something to get from point a to point b quicker, this is their solution, if you have a problem with it, you need to go back to cod 4, because I know you love pipe line, oh wait. They brung that back into advanced warfare(DLC), and if you don't like the exo movements, just play the classical game modes, I feel like almost no one knows about that, but even as an exo suit lover, I still like the classical game mode, all you have to do is think, hmm what should I do for no exo movements? That's it, if you don't like advanced warfare, don't play it, I hear all this hate, and then the people who I hear hate from still play the game. So if you are one of the people, do one of two things, A.) play classical mode, or B.) play cod 4, bo2, bo1, cod 3, cod 2, battle field 3, battle field 4, battle field 2, Titan fall, skyrim, or go back to the golden age of video games and play on your gameboy advanced sp(I prefer pokemon green leaf for is), if you don't remember this, you are not a true gamer and should probably stick with less long term games, like kurby, or pokemon, or here's what I would do if I were you, STOP HATTING THE GAME THAT KEEPS ONE OF YOUR FAVORITE ARTISTS IN BUSYNESS, yes, treyark is an artist, they have some really good graphics that I know most people don't even get to see because their hating on the game that they made, so stop hating

  20. I don't think you know what 3D movement means…

  21. 3d movement is all nice and cool in concept but if you add in latency and the huge inconsistency of it it will never be popular. until the day we ALL have fibre with the lowest latency possible then 3d movement may be more "fun" . just my two cents as to why people might not like it so much. I'm sure other people have mentioned this too but the yearly release thing needs to stop too, they are burning themselves and the fanbase out too fast, at least wait every 2-3 years.

  22. When you say 3d movement u mean the fact that u can jump on a wall or pretty high and not only being able to walk on the ground

  23. I honestly love 3D movement systems. It changes things up and creates so much possibilities for developers and potentially gives more creative freedom to make unique maps that would normally would be bland without it. One thing I feel with this game is that the lanes feel linear compared to taking the rooftops. Along with that, it makes camping possibly a bigger issue than it was. If you had an issue with a small team of campers, you can lock them out rather easily if you play your cards right and you're good. Now they can hold the highest locations on map and get back to the spots faster than ever making it much more of a problem than just a couple corner campers. Personally, I think that the FOV needs to be jumped up a bit to compensate for these new movement systems and it feels like the system doesn't understand what you want to do half the time. These are my opinions, but I have a feeling the 3D movement will be added more oftem in games for a while.

  24. The rising problem with FPS is the pathing, the pathing is becoming worse and worse. Almost every franchise deals with this issue. That is the one thing about CS:GO Is the balanced maps and the fantastic pathing that allows it to be such a success and such a good game for esports. I think its high time to go back to classic war FPS games. BF had the vietnam expansion and many people thought that there would be a WWII expansion for BF4. I've noticed a lot of people are craving WWII or similar classic shooters to be made with the new tech since we haven't had them in such a long time.

  25. These 3 games require super suit abilities because after the release of Ghosts where female characters were introduced into the combat being as tall and large as all the male body types, it quickly became apparent that this was a grave continuity error with reality. Therefore the suits allow the weaker, smaller women to compete "fairly" on the battlefield.

  26. Seen so many people talk about 3D movement. But I have no idea what 3D movement is in Call Of Duty. Anyone care to explain?

  27. Is that what attack on Titan is about? Oh, why don't people just watch gundam?

  28. be honest with you guys if they figure out a way to make 3D movement work then I'll play them all the time

  29. Also I think the reason why people are hating on 3D movement is because they are attached to regular first person shooter now I ain't saying that all the other 3D movement games where good but I think they should try this new thing and try to find a way to injoy it and I think this new 3D movement will be big one day but I still think Call of duty should end after blackops 3

  30. Titanfall is a good game in its own fun way. However, that said, it lacks content HEAVILY; I think if it had a better campaign mode it might've done better than it did. Or for that matter a story or content at least.

  31. Best movement system? The Attack On Titan Tribute Game.

  32. I still think majority of the CoD community just hates AW's movement mechanics because they can't camp anymore.

    However, I do understand what you mean when you say that things get a little chaotic, which is why I play in classic mode when I want a casual game. The fact that they included that mode at all (and I'm assuming 90% of AW players didn't know it existed) made the game better for me.

    And for everyone saying the gun balance is ridiculous: it's not anymore. I've tried every weapon in the game, even the supposedly abhorring MK14, and I've been able to play against bots on regular difficulty and get the top spot on the scoreboard. The Bal is nowhere near as good as it used to be when I first got the game, but the ASM1 is still quite formidable, just not as it was on launch day.

    I've never tried the online multiplayer yet, but based on my experiences in local multiplayer, AW has become a solid game, but it did so a little too late.

  33. "I Like 3D movment"
    yeah,Sure, Because you don't Play IW cuz You don't enjoy the movment,
    You were saying Driftor….

  34. 1. st: Make 3d movement
    2. nd: Remove movement at y coordinate because it takes skill and takes longer to develop maps
    3. rd: Introduce 3d movement as a new thing

  35. Why they all failed: They tried to use flat maps with 3d movement.

  36. I never played a CoD game but I watched videos about it. CoD AW looks great! (But it is still a CoD game)

  37. Am i the only one that clicked this video because the thumbnail had aot on it?

  38. Wait, what if you took this 3D movement and gave it better, more skill based melee combat, and took away the guns? My guess is cuz people aren't good at using guns at super close range, and they have melee weapons for close range, people will try to get close to their enemy like in a lot of FPS games, and it'll be super speed Dark Souls the first person melee-ing game (or Doom 2016 but played with melee only)

  39. Because the image on your monitor is a 2d plane therefore is lacking the depth information needed for reading the distances of objects along the 3rd axis, multiple perspectives are needed to achieve this.

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