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Update Zune HD to New Firmware [4.3] For free 3D Games!

Marques Brownlee
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Some of the changes that I have noticed in this new firmware update are listed below:

Audiosurf Tilt
Lucky Lanes Bowling
Project Gotham Racing: Ferrari Edition
Vans Sk8: Pool Service

Faster + Snappier Browser Performance
Option to render pages as Desktop or Mobile [Default Option in Settings]
Better Tap-To-Zoom
Better ability to scroll when typing a message online

Predictive Text
Auto capitilization [Default Option in Settings]
Dedicated Settings Menu
Wider keyboard in Landscape Mode

Artist Bios now contain links to songs, other artists, and other albums

Choice of seek method (presets or seek) in settings

Apps load slightly faster, and the accuracy of the touchscreen is improved during game play!
Apps close much faster
The power off says slide down to power off instead of just Power Off
Faster Startup (less than 15s)

Official Zune.net Postings:

Today we released the v4.3 firmware update for Zune HD players; this update adds support for upcoming 3d games and applications, as well as an auto-suggest feature for better text input, and other minor improvements. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Marketplace loaded with free 3D games:


  1. Another way to get around the up to date bug is to do a system restore on your zune.


    All you need to do is hold the power button and media playback (side) button for 15 seconds. After that, it should say that you'll need to connect your Zune HD to your PC. Don't stop holding after it turns off.

  2. wtf it removed marketplace in the main menu how do i get it back

  3. Four things:
    1) When is microsoft gonna release the new games/apps?
    2) What games/apps are they gonna release?
    3) Are they gonna be free?
    4) Do you think the zune HD will eventually get flash player? if so, when do you think that's gonna happen?

    Thanks and nice video btw

  4. what about the 3 other questions I asked??? Can I have your opinion at leats, please??


  5. @marquesbrownlee
    Yea apparently adobe is being reluctant to make a flash player. One will get made probably within a few months though.

  6. hey i love your videos. i cant wait till i get mine!!! (getting 9th of december (my b day)) :)!!!!!!!

  7. i know i downloaded it im so glad they are all free i downloaded all of them

  8. the zune hd has a loooonnngggg way to go i meen it doesn't have tilt rotation or double touch like the ipod touch or an effected community app seller like appstore. id rather buy an i touch than zuneHD

  9. oh yah sorry about the tilt thing i was thinking about a different complete copy of the i pod… BUT!!! i know this for sure if microsft wonted to make a high-selling awsome peace of equipment they should have made it surpass the ipod on abilities and the internets slow compared to itouches.

  10. actually it has way better tilt rotation than the touch OR the iphone
    it does have multitouch
    u might be right about the apps but they are getting there

  11. the zune internet is faster than the safari crap on the touch or iphone

  12. My player is 4.1 (137) and no matter what i do, zune says my player is up to date.
    Please HELP!

  13. bro with this update can i go on youtube and myspace

    plz reply back

  14. when is their next update are they going to make anyother apps anytime soon

  15. i have tried to change the location and that didn't work

  16. If I bought a Zune HD, would I be able to update it and download new apps for it from Germany??

  17. man i hope this zune hd update or apps thing comes out soon they made a twitter app but i could care less i dont have a twitter

  18. mine did the same i had to download from the zune under marketplace

  19. @marquesbrownlee Do you need to sign in to do that? Cause something is wrong with my computer and it won't like me sign in to the Zune Software. Have to go get it fixed but would really love to have a couple apps.

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