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Unity / C# Tutorial | Helicopter Game 3D – CS50’s Intro to Game Development

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Learn game development by creating Helicopter Game 3D using Unity, C#, and Blender. The principles you learn can apply to any programming language.

This beginner’s course teaches the foundations of game development. This video is lecture 8 of CS50’s Intro to Game Development from Harvard University.

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⌨️ (0:00:00) Introduction
⌨️ (0:07:36) Unity
⌨️ (0:12:11) C#
⌨️ (0:17:24) Blender
⌨️ (0:19:09) GameObjects
⌨️ (0:29:32) Components
⌨️ (0:38:28) Composition vs. Inheritance
⌨️ (0:40:29) MonoBehaviours
⌨️ (0:56:46) Colliders and Triggers
⌨️ (1:14:49) Prefabs and Spawning
⌨️ (1:45:14) Texture Scrolling
⌨️ (1:49:26) Audio
⌨️ (1:54:08) Asset Store
⌨️ (1:55:30) In Conclusion

Lecture taught by Colton T. Ogden. Thanks to Harvard’s CS50 for giving us permission to post this lecture. Checkout their YouTube channel for more great lectures:

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  1. where can i get the assets for this tutorial?

  2. Keep doin what u r doin , we love this content , game development is my dream job

  3. 100% of Unity games are absolute barely playable crap. Don't waste your time on this engine.

  4. can you show us how to hack/modify files in a game?

  5. What's the C# IDE in the video? Visual Studio for Mac?

  6. hey bro i want talk to you i have been creating 3d characters and environments from an year last month i decide to make games in unity and im done with game design but when i start writing codes i cant move the character even i did follow the tutorial a z can you help me with character controlling.. Thank you in advances

  7. How did you write the "O Reference and make space to read it?

  8. Now i only found your channel a few days ago and decided to see all your c# stuff to see if there is anything i could learn. But forgive me if i sound a bit rude but watching this feels like you jumped into this without a greater understanding of unity specifically. Its kinda like bringing old practices into a new environment and there are definitely areas that can be improved which i'm sure that you already have improved on seeing as this video is a year and a half old now.

    EDIT: There are some things you do that are definitely great too. Especially how clean things where.

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