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Top 5 Best Free 3D Modeling Software

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In this video, we’ll look at the top 5 best free software you can use right now for 3D modeling. We look at the pros and cons of each, as well as find out how easy it is to learn for beginners.

Here are the links to each of the programs:
Wings3D –
Sketchup (Free version) –
Sculptris –
Hexagon –
Blender –


  1. sketchup is not a 3d modelling program, its a blueprinting software. Doesn't belong in this category.

  2. Nice boss drop tutorials on character modelling

  3. Thx for the video so many useful information 😊

  4. wow that nice , thanks for this video

  5. Minecraft Mod Apk. Free and super easy to use 😂

  6. do u have tutorials on how to make a movie with blender

  7. How about Rocket 3F? New, free polygonal Modeller.

  8. quick tip for people like me: Do not use Blender. Just because its the best does not mean its the only one that will suit your desires. If you actually learn the BASICS for blender, you need to watch hours on hours of tutorials. there are so many shortcuts and the layout is super complicated, I do NOT RECOMMEND, if you want to make basic models and shapes I recommend Fusion360.

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