Top 10 Low Spec Free To Play Games; 3D Gaming On A Budget 2021 //skylent -

Top 10 Low Spec Free To Play Games; 3D Gaming On A Budget 2021 //skylent

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Low Spec Free To Play Games; 3D Gaming On A Budget | SKYLENT

Here is a list of 10 free to play games you can run on a potato pc, old computer or laptop without dedicated graphics. While your mileage may vary depending on your personal rig and location, for the most part these are games that were designed to be played by most people with lower end pc’s. F2P games and low spec go great together so I love championing them any chance I get. Keep in mind these are specifically 3D action oriented games that actually require the designation of “low spec” because frankly nearly every single 2d game ever can be played on any machine and almost all turn based or non action 3d titles too in modern times. Hope you found this video enlightening compared to the copy paste of other channels. Keep the hype alive! F2P 4 LIFE!

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Low Spec 3D ACTION Free to Play Games

Spiral Knights
Adventure Quest 3D
World of Tanks
Rocket League
Freestyle 2
Minion Masters
League of Legends
Genshin Impact


  1. In the current day, how is having a low end possible

  2. I know of a low-spec racing game on Steam called Crash Time II.

  3. Genshin Impact …wooo, are you trying to trigger an epileptic seizure or blind me? Turn down the flashes!

  4. You and LowSpecGamer are my favorite youtubers! I'm glad you mentioned him. Loving the videos, keep doing what you're doing!

  5. Drift City Remastered, is available free to play, cell shaded 3D racing mmo from the old days are still fun and is non p2w because its a Private Server. It should be possible to run on low end PCs.

  6. What, no mention of OSR Sky? ;-p I'd really like some low-calorie mmos – know of any Sky? 😀

  7. Amazing Content and Information Skylent, Keep up the amazing work! I wish you the best in all you do! May God Bless You!

  8. IMPORTANT !! : a message to keep in mind is that sadly league of legends is a game where the more you play the less fun it becomes and the more tryhard serious vibes you get, especially with the community being one of the most toxic communities i've ever seen , i played alot of league and it was so fun in the beginning but once you start reaching more competitive levels and you play ranked for a while you start bumping into some reason toxic people who just ruins the game for everyone and given games last for around 20-30 minutes, i wouldnt advice that. thought i'd make this clear since i quit league due to this very reason and i didnt want new comers to be hit with the unexpected wall of toxicity

  9. I'm finding games that less toxic, like I'm from South East Asia and I'm done having players who's toxic and very useless

  10. For Roblox FPS, any computer can run phantom forces, bad business, or arsenal on lowest settings at 45 – 60 frames.

  11. Lol I used to be roblox boi so I recommend Wild West, which is the rdr2 of roblox, emergency response for 125 robux, phantom forces fps and arsenal which is arena shooter

  12. For low spec RTS multi player try 'Warzone 2100'. You can host your own private room for your friends/family. Also, there is an editor for your own maps. If you got the time you could even do your own campaign for your friends to play in. You can have the settings all the players allied with you, BUT not with each-other. This lets you take more of a ref role and set tasks for your players to do. It was in its day a full-price game. Even got 3 full single-player campaigns for you to try. It's now 'open source' and totally free. Link to the main game. The map editor =

  13. These are good low spec pc games. But my pc is below most low spec (toaster) 11 years old (means specs greatly reduced) soundless Core i3 8gb ram intel integrated video. NOE, i cant afford anything new at the moment. Recommend me TOASTER SPEC games you know, please.

  14. Well roblox isn't really a game, just an engine for random people to create games, some people know how to optimize lag better than others so it's not 100%

  15. I Have a Intel HD (r) graphics. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  16. I think you should put brawlhalla even tho it isn t 3d it is low spec and pretty good like if you have like 20 minutes and want to play on your laptop

  17. for those of you who want to play world of tanks, its by far the most toxic community that I know about. the gameplay can become boring when having all the tier X tanks, believe me. I've played it long enough

  18. what the first game is called??????????

  19. I remember playing krunker 1 and a half year ago maybe on the ultimate potato 2000 laptop's and PC's in the school

  20. if genshin impact is for low spec why does it say it requires 48/43gb, i had 294gb, now when i installed it i had 206 gb, so it takes 80 gb? HOW IS THAT LOW SPEC

  21. Genshin impact has a glitch when blah blah.dll is missing and all that, how can I fix it.. I tried other fix videos related to those glitches. Please help ASAP

  22. Maaan what's so sad about PC is that It doesn't have that much of fun games I mean we have valorant, CSGO, etc. World of tanks, Rocket league, and all that isn't really available on your favorite game store and that

  23. Gridiron is a free to play football game ive personally played ofr over 100 hours because its a better sports fix than madden once you get into it

  24. Anyone knows a good roblox game?No,i'm not a kid,I love roblox but all games that are popular rn are mostly kid games so thats why I stopped playing it,If someone could tell me good chill driving game i would appriciate it <3

  25. I've played Genshin on a slightly higher that low spec PC and it lags a bit so you'd need more than a low spec PC for it

  26. An actual human speaking in one of the law videos?!?!? THATNK GOD!

  27. Genshin impact has a minimum require of 8GB RAM, you call that low spec?

  28. I've played Genshin Impact and it's fantastic for a free-to-play game.
    Rocket League is alright.
    And maybe I should check the rest of these games out…

  29. Do you want to get cancer??? download league of legends now!!!

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