The Best iPad Apps for 3D Modeling | 3D Printing -

The Best iPad Apps for 3D Modeling | 3D Printing

Uncle Jessy
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The Best iPad 3D Modeling Apps for 3D Printing or 3D Design

Lets review some of the best 3D Modeling apps that are available on the iPad and use the Apple Pencil / Touch Controls!

Putty3D ➜ $4.99

Shapr3D ➜ Free/Subscription

Forger3D ➜ $9.99

SquidGirl File Designed By AE Foundry ➜

SouthernGFX Forger Tutorials ➜

Interested in resin 3D Printers?

Peopoly Phenom ➜

Anycubic Photon ➜

Elegoo Mars ➜

Some Additional Items you will want to consider for Resin 3D Printing ➜
Full List –
Disposable Gloves –
Plastic Spatula –
Metal Spatula –
Isopropyl (IPA) –
Pickle Container –
Funnel –
Paint Filters –

Interested in getting a 3D Printer? Here are some that I use ➜

Ender 3


CR-10 S4



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  1. Thanks for the info I and others appreciate it

  2. Hey! Thank you for the help. I wanted to see what to use for this On my Mac book Air

  3. Damn I forgot I bit my iPad and it broke when I was 5

  4. Which Ipad pro does he have? can someone tell me.

  5. Do u know how to color in putty 3d

  6. Any tools for cutting files into printable pieces? Or changing sizes of files?
    Sorry I’m totally overwhelmed by all this stuff, I just want to see if I could 3D print a clone trooper helmet for my big head.

  7. I have shapr3d and I’m unable to use it without an Apple Pencil 🤨

  8. Thanks for the recommendations Uncle Jessy!

  9. Shapr3d also has free full licenses for students/educators.

  10. What 3D printer would you recommend for iPad usage

  11. It's cool but I don't have enough money to buy an iPad

  12. Bla bla bla no slicer for iPad

  13. Awesome video.. just got an ipad pro, and I have a 3d printer at the hospital I work at. I do recreational therapy and creative art therapy.. I’m looking for ways to have the 3d printer be a powerful helping instrument for people to recover from addiction. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  14. Please, can you tell me if the Stylus Pen works for the software you use?

  15. Too bad Shapr3D has become even more overpriced, now costing $60/month or $500/yr to unlock everything

  16. Omg why I hate buying

  17. Any of these apps covert a model into a line drawing?

  18. Which one is the best for making animals? And fantasy animals

  19. DAMN! Just jump to 2:52 to begin the list of recommended apps….

  20. To me subscription art services are anti creativity, discourage newcomers, young creators, and people who don’t have $25 a month for an app that’s not going to change drastically month to month. pay once and let it be done.

  21. Keep in mind that Shapr3D uses direct modelling so not exactly great for any serious technical parts. Sketches and models are not linked together. Once you extrude something, your model is set in stone and making changes later will be difficult. It's a lot closer to blender than Fusion. If you want Fusion replacement you will get upset.
    Also the videos they make can be a bit annoying reminging you constantly that direct modelling is better than parametric… which is a nonsense.

  22. Thanks so much. I just started using Shapr and hoping to design a brick wall for Tabletop gaming. Is there a good way to add texture or is there a way to make these apps play nice together to get some texture into Shapr where I can then duplicate?

  23. Is an ipad air 64GB be sufficient for 3d modelling?

  24. anybody have any more recommendations for free apps?

  25. Can I import a 3D scanned figure into the Forger 3D?

  26. Me an intellectual weeb: Imma do what’s called a pro gamer move

  27. Are there any free programs I can use on my PC where I can do 3d designs? I have an artist XP PEN 12 to draw it out. What Free program I can download? Please reply.

  28. something like this for window's? and used on a different tablet?

  29. Putty 3D has a frustrating lack of tutorials, even just basic ones, at least that I’m aware of? I’m slightly surprised you didn’t include the app Umake, I’m curious if that was intentional? For its price and capabilities it’s the direct competition to Shpr3D, and its a great app for both updates and openness to both direct input and suggestions from its users? A final thought: tho I’m not proficient in any of the 3D sculpting apps (yet, but it’s only a matter of time), the App to learn from and use as its model is Procreate, it’s the most intuitive and artist friendly digital drawing app I’ve ever encountered, and any 3D sculpting app that closely resembles its basics will likely be able to gain from being able to compliment its interface? And if you know anything I don’t I’m all ears! 🙂

  30. Can you tell me what is the name of the application? thanks

  31. Very helpful, and funny enough I got a sharpr ad right before this

  32. Forger 3D is like the procreate for 3D sculpting

  33. Which app is recommended, when wanting to use on iPad and Macbook? Don't like to use 2 different ones.

  34. why do you remind me so much of brad colbow?

  35. I don't touch ipads but I love Nomad Sculpt.

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