Roadbuses - Bus Simulator 3D Android HD GamePlay [Game For Kids] -

Roadbuses – Bus Simulator 3D Android HD GamePlay [Game For Kids]

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Welcome to Road buses — Bus simulator 3D in this 3D parking game you can take the place of a professional bus driver in different urban parking situations. Remember that driving a bus is totally different from driving other velichels like cars, trucks and motorbikes. So be careful when you turn your bus into the parking space because a bus has much less mobility.
In this bus parking simulator you can except 20 different parking simulations. The difficulty of the bus parking situations we increases after every completed level. Learn how to control a bus in this bus sim 3D game and see for yourself if you can be a parking king in this exciting 3D parking simulator.
So if you like to drive something bigger and more challenging than a car, try Road buses — Bus simulator 3D.
As your parking skills will increase also the parking simulations will become more and more difficult to complete. This bus driver game will be a game that you will love if you like to drive big buses.
Road buses — Bus simulator 3D is a free to play 3D parking game!
Game features
– 20 different levels each level has its own parking challenge
– Learn to dive a bus safely
– Exciting 3D graphics
– Smooth gameplay
We hope you will enjoy this Road buses — Bus simulator 3D parking game and drive safely. Please give use some support by rating our game or by liking our Facebook page or you can follow us on twitter!.
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