Platinum Arts Sandbox - Gameplay Trailer - Free 3D Video Game Maker and World Creator -

Platinum Arts Sandbox – Gameplay Trailer – Free 3D Video Game Maker and World Creator

Make A Game With Platinum Arts Sandbox Game Maker
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Music – Platinum Arts Sandbox Theme – used with permission by Jon Adamich –

Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker – Gameplay Trailer
Welcome to the Platinum Arts Sandbox Gameplay Trailer. The Free Open Source 3D Game maker can be downloaded at Kids.PlatinumArts.Net In our tutorial video we learned how to create and use the tools. In this video we are going look at some of the maps and gamemodes, and a clip of the upcoming action rpg. Unfortunately the rpg is at an early stage so monster dying animations are not working, but they will be. Also you’ll notice the hud is tough to see in the sidescroller as the recording resolution is much smaller than typically set in game. Thank you for your interest in Sandbox and now some music by our very talented composer, Jon Adam-itch aka Phoenix85

Platinum Arts Sandbox is an open source easy to use standalone Free 3D Game Maker and 3D World Creator currently being used in many schools throughout the world that allows kids and adults to create their own video games, worlds, levels, save the princess adventures and quests, even cooperatively! The goal is to make it accessible to kids but also powerful enough for full game projects. With a simple click and roll of a mouse wheel users can modify the world however they want. In the words of Meg, a nine year old Sandbox whiz I babysit for, Press Edit and go fulfill your dreams!. Now features new game modes such as Save The Princess, sidescroller, machinima, kartmode, RPG, and more! Take care and enjoy!


  1. This is just a shitty remake of sauerbraten. If you want the real deal, download sauerbraten.

  2. @jackytips Maybe in autoexec.cfg, it has sleep 120000 [quit] ?? xD

  3. felisidades se nota q ay mucho esfurso en este juego

  4. is this the best thing to make a video game?

  5. @BleedingThunderstorm I personally haven't use it a lot but you should know that it is free. It has a strong background, doesn't crush, you can adjust settings, textures etc to your preferences and you can at least try it. Follow some tutorials for the beginning and tell us your experience 🙂

    There is also a play list tutorial on you tube. Hope I helped you. Have fun

  6. @BleedingThunderstorm Well if your looking for something real easy to use and free, then yes. 😉

  7. you know that sounds alot like the music from oblivian 🙂

  8. Downloaded free Sandbox 2.71 from website, installed it on Win7 home premium in program files (then uninstalled it and reinstalled it in program filesx86),built small portion of scene,went to save it and it said it couldn't save "eerie"(my name of my map) in packages/base/fps/eerie.gz. What could be the problem? Should I go into the compatibility mode and change it to XP? Or is this just a common fault with 2.71? Should I try an older version?

  9. GenericSlic , Curious.What does it say when you can't save? Mine says can't save to ___fps/packages/eerie.gz.(name of my game scene/file created).

  10. I want to use this as it's free, and brilliant, looks good, but don't want to use the objects as some look to amateurish.Is it possible to take objects and characters from say Fps creator, and insert them into sandbox?

  11. It's completely free… i already made a medieval game..
    Try it, it's easy and fun! 😀

  12. We are going to make an open-world Batman game with this thing!

  13. I woukd use this but through lack of patience making a game would be hard XD

  14. Can I make a zombie game in this and change the character

  15. Can you make a zombie game and can you change your character?

  16. …….Why Did I Watch This ima Minecraft Player…….

  17. Yes you can to make a character you have to use A program called "Blender" 🙂

  18. lmao. this was before miencraft… and is way better. you can actually build anything you want instead of being stuck to 1 block size. miencraft is childish compared to this. also, you can use these maps for video games you want to make. they can be exported into any engine.

    id rather make my own game than play someone elses

    but thats just me

  19. ahh i remeber this when i was only 6 the i got a laptop i were searching for this game everywere but i finally found it thanks!

  20. this is software to make games, minecraft is a full game made on java full programmed and with its own code, ._. cant compare a game maker to a GAME

  21. I have the newer version and although it's sleeker, it's hard to make mountains and it refuses to save my work. I was able to get 2 "quick save's" with intensive efforts but after that it refuses to. Any ideas?

  22. I love this game no matter what Josef Stalin says. Whats it called? I wanna play it when its finished.

  23. Lol wow Stalin must either be very jealous or very threatened, too make that many negative posts in a row about a private free non-commercial engine who's target audience is children is laughable.

  24. I think Stalin is just boasting his skills at coding

  25. can i make superman model and fly in this game he he he

  26. This is a fantastic program for kids 9+ they can make games easily.
    When its done downloading ill stay up until 2 in the morning 🙂
    Cant wait

  27. Even better you can make your own character in blender

  28. How to write messages in Platinum Arts, or dialogues.

  29. Wow. I downloaded this back in June or July.

  30. can u create ur video game off of the net too like if i download it and get off the net?

  31. can I make a realistic tropical beach with crashing waves, shells, sand, a daytime sky with the sun , and beach ambience / ocean waves and walking on sand sound effects?

  32. hey when you finish downloading it where is it  the do i search to launch?? someone plz help

  33. can i make money by the game i make from sandbox , is there a monetization option available

  34. I wonder if anyone actually used this program to make games back then. I remember messing around with it alongside my younger brother, so this gives off a strange nostalgic, and at times a sort of weird/creepy, vibe.

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