Platinum Arts Sandbox - Free 3D Video Game Maker and World Creation Software - Tutorial 1 -

Platinum Arts Sandbox – Free 3D Video Game Maker and World Creation Software – Tutorial 1

Make A Game With Platinum Arts Sandbox Game Maker
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Platinum Arts Sandbox – Free 3D Video Game Creation and Design Software – Tutorial 1

This video covers the basics of world creation in Platinum Arts Sandbox. Sandbox is a 3D game creator and 3D game design tool based on the Cube 2 engine that allows users to quickly and easily create and edit their own worlds in game, even cooperatively. It is free, open source, and easy to use for Kids and Adults. This is the first tutorial and hopefully there will be more soon. Take care and enjoy!


  1. Even with alienware, that computer in out of this universe

  2. Are we able to distribute the games we make; and if so, will we be able to sell them for money, or do they need to be free?

  3. Im having trouble seeing the water from a distance or even close up. Instead of looking like water, it looks tan/orange. If I go Into the water area, then once submerged, it acts as water should. Is this a problem with my GPU, yet it runs all other games just fine ?

  4. Make A Game With Platinum Arts Sandbox Game Maker says:

    If you spent $4,500 on a computer someone robbed you hardcore!

  5. Make A Game With Platinum Arts Sandbox Game Maker says:

    Updating your video drivers is generally a good thing and could really improve your other games too. I have never heard of the tan/orange water so it could just be a driver bug.

  6. Make A Game With Platinum Arts Sandbox Game Maker says:

    Yeah there is an FPS mode so I'd say that is pretty certain 🙂

  7. Make A Game With Platinum Arts Sandbox Game Maker says:

    Absolutely!! Just keep in mind that not all of the content (the stuff not made by us) can't be used commercially. For our newer releases this is generally just some of the models but beyond that the whole reason for SB is so people can make their own games and release them how they want!

  8. Make A Game With Platinum Arts Sandbox Game Maker says:

    Yep just hit 0

  9. Make A Game With Platinum Arts Sandbox Game Maker says:

    /savemap mapname is the fastest way to do it

  10. Make A Game With Platinum Arts Sandbox Game Maker says:

    If you look at the fine print neither is really free. It depends exactly how you want to use them but if you actually want to make a game and sell it, they aren't free.

  11. Make A Game With Platinum Arts Sandbox Game Maker says:

    I'd just like everyone to know that we are going to be doing a kickstarter and greenlight project in the near future and that some massive changes are coming to make things even easier, especially on the code side! I can't wait!! Also check out D. The Atom Shifter, a game being made with Sandbox 🙂

  12. It's not that if you get a virus your computer is broken lol

  13. AHAHHAhahahahHAHAhahHAhahHAhahHAHahHAHahHAhah

  14. Congratulations on wasting your poor wives money on a piece of shit laptop that you don't even need.

  15. There are so many awesome open source software out there!

  16. I seem to have a lot of issues figuring out the new version of this. The older one seems more friendly.

  17. Where's Platinum Arts Sandbox's files?…. I can't donwload. Help me!. I'll thank you.

  18. what version is this? because I got 2.8.2 and it looks NOTHING like this 🙁

  19. please help me i have a map on a USB plug but i dont know how to upload it to sandbox

  20. Where is the tutorial about making quest located?

  21. thnk you
    the totorials he halpe me very match

  22. plez plez plez plez waht you had for get menu

  23. omg this is so cool, 100x better than any other 3D programs.

  24. I've been looking for a game engine to write an RPG game. I've been experimenting with RPG Maker XV ACE. At $70 buckazoids, it's a bargain, but I'm dissatisfied with the NES-era graphics and 2D world and the chibi characters. I guess that's why it's so inexpensive, bleh.

    I've also been looking at the commercial game engines, but they require an exorbitant up-front fee and/or steep royalties, and also you need to be a professional 3D artist to use.

    So I discovered your video by stumbling around You Tube. It looks like when you're inside, the perspective is correct. But when you're outside, you're as tall as a bug in the grass, lol. Is this how the engine renders? Or is that how high you made the camera in your example?

    I might go to your site after watching the video do try your free demo. But how much does the full version cost? Do you require royalties on games made with it? If it's not exorbitantly expensive, it looks like it's what I've been looking for! 🙂

  25. I just wanna know… is this software virus free? I want to install it, but I'm just not sure about it…

  26. Total noob questions here but, how do you make a flowing river, animate objects such as doors and fires etc. I've tried setting Yaw, Radius, Tag, Trigger, all of that but, nothing animates..  Also do you happen to know why the program crashes 'every' time I add glass but not water or lava or any other material? I've searched the glass folder and it's in it's designated spot right along with the other materials. I have the 2.8.2 School Edition. I guess the program is just tricky to use when you're not familiar to it's contents. Any help would be great! Thanks.

  27. Ok well I found a solution to the glass issue mentioned in my last post.. Incase anyone else has that issue, you can simply select the area you want the window to be, open materials, select 'alpha', this turns the blocks transparent, then switch over to textures while the window is still open and select a bluish color, one like texture # 85 seams to work real well. Also, Experiment with the mural textures too. They give a nice effect to the 'alpha' material! 🙂

  28. Can i export the game finished for a mobile platform?

  29. omg dude i remember watching this when it came out and it said it was a virus lmaoo

  30. It's a shame the team stopped working on this. It had huge potential imo. 🙁

  31. no se si esto sea cierto, pero ley que dos personas se pueden poner a editar el mapeado del juego, al mismo tiempo mediante una conexion hamachi o algo ais… no estoy seguro por eso pregunto, saludos y gracias

  32. I do not know if this is true, but I am aware that two people can edit the mapping of the game, at the same time using a hamachi connection or something isolated … I'm not sure why I ask, greetings and thanks

  33. what is the diference of School Edition and Water Wars Edition?

  34. how i can add my 3D models? or this program have a 3D modeling system?

  35. I spent hundreds of hours with this program from ages 12-14, (23 now) creating my own little worlds and RPG games for my big brother to explore while my dad watched/napped behind me enjoying the amazing soundtrack. I made gamemaps during school and thought of ideas all day long, excited to come home and create with PAS. It was my first game-making program and it gave me a route to express myself creatively and gave me confidence to expand to more complex programs.

    This program will always have a special place in my heart.

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