NEW YU-GI-OH PC GAME RELEASED! - "YGO PRO 2" - 3D Online/Offline HD Card Game (Free Download) -

NEW YU-GI-OH PC GAME RELEASED! – “YGO PRO 2” – 3D Online/Offline HD Card Game (Free Download)

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Finally, we have a modern HD and updated yugioh pro game.
It is still in Beta phase, but it is very playable at the moment.


If you want to play YGOPro 1, you can find download link on my other videos.

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  1. wow,I'm quite sad how Percy doesn't combine his version with this one,seriously just combine Percival's version with this one,I'm begging

  2. Is it the same as Ygopro "1"?I mean, same servers,cards …

  3. Cool i hope Percy, Anti Metaman, and other developers, also release the GNU/Linux version of this game soon, in the near future 🙂

  4. i also have deck blue eye white dragon vol. 1,2,3 :3

  5. I download it and extract files from rar , but cannot find launch application only decks .
    Some of the decks work in ygopro dawn of new era .
    Pls help me where to find launch application

  6. honestly i prefer the look and feel of the first one, i think it would have been better if they just focused on updating YGO1 so i dont have to download this whole new thing. also because my computer is a potato the animations i think would be laggy and unnecessary

  7. well i wont say that i dont get u i mean digimon online kinda boring XD

  8. is online and have ppl have someone tested this game?

  9. Is it synchro, xys, pendulums cards are exists in this game?. Please let me know ASAP.

  10. fan is the best, konami is sucks. the last yugioh pc game is legacy duelist lol

  11. Queria muito baixar mas o download é muito pesado e minha net não é das melhores

  12. oh so you play to you gi oh hmm cool nice and i love you

  13. Oh man it looks so awesome look at that cool pendulum summo effect just wish that when specific monsters were summoned a animation played like i duel links but doesnt matter still looks awesome

  14. it doesnt look good at all, thats why big corporations should work on this – they got the money to make it decent

  15. so this works offline?? like no internet required at all?

  16. why sometimes i play vs AI the game has been Freeze ??
    how to fix it ?

  17. how to play online? please make a tutorial on how to play online with my friends

  18. Puedes subir la última versión de este mismo pero la última versión offline que tienes , me encanta esta versión offline , quiero este mismo pero más actualizado pero offline

  19. this looks awesome! do you have a tutorial on how to build this game?

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