Merge 3D (by Pterodactyl Games) - casual game for Android and iOS - gameplay. -

Merge 3D (by Pterodactyl Games) – casual game for Android and iOS – gameplay.

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Merge 3D is a challenging Pair Matching Puzzle game! You need to find and match pairs of various 3D objects and clear the field! Get it for FREE and enjoy!
Polished pairs of animals, toys, foods, school, and sport items, and much more at satisfying levels to pass with just onet hand! Did everything match up? The puzzle is done!

Train your brain with Merge 3D!

How to play:
1. Search carefully and find the matching pairs in a mountain of objects.
2. Grip any object by tapping on it. Don’t let it go!
3. Move it to a circle on the bottom.
3. Find a matching pair for this object and place it in the circle as well.
4. Repeat till you find all similar pairs and clear the field!

Get ready for a new, original, challenging matching pairs game. It is a onnect pair matching puzzle that is so easy that everyone can play it. Play FREE pair matching puzzle 3D offline!

Easy! Relaxing! Satisfying!

Requires: Android 4.4 +
Requires internet connection: NO
File size: 82 Mb apk
Free game

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