Making A 3D Game Was A HUGE MISTAKE -

Making A 3D Game Was A HUGE MISTAKE

Thomas Brush
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In this devlog, I, a humble 2D game dev, attempt to create a humanoid rag doll zombie in my 3D game. Mistakes were made…
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0:00 Intro
0:40 Modeling
3:44 Texturing
5:10 Animation
7:51 Ragdoll
9:18 The Final Product


  1. Plzz do giveaway contest for your course FULL GAMEDEV (as i want to become a game developer and so motivated from ur vdeos but can't AFFORD 😔)

  2. I love how the body texture changes and becomes redder depending on how much you damage them in a certain area, that's a great little detail that adds a lot but doesn't feel too out of place in the whole low poly retro shooter look 😀

  3. 3:39 honestly I think a horror game where something huge like that is chasing you would make for a awesome experience

  4. I was done with 3D a little time ago for few reasons:
    – Hard to be good at it ( i mean professionally )
    – Animation is toooo hard

    And i'm half good in pixel art 😀

  5. The head kinda has the cross upside down so please fix that

  6. It’s even worse when you revisit something you’ve made ages ago during early development and you confuse the living hell out of yourself trying to figure out why you did something or how what you did works…

  7. This video is all over the place. Graphics from everywhere. Clips everywhere. Its annoying editing, but…entertaining lol

  8. hahaha I saw this coming from miles away lolll it's always like this when learning new things > . <

  9. Dude, I submitted my first game to google play console just now…you inspired me…

  10. You're 2D artwork and game design isn't frivolous, directionless, uninspired, and haphazard? Why should your 3D artwork and game design be that way? Right now you're just exploring the medium, and that's great! But at some point you're going to need to start aiming before firing. Games that were made in a week aren't worth the week that was spent making them.

  11. if (audioSource == true) { audioSource = true; }
    at 0:27
    True Hackerman.

  12. ok, this is entertaining in a way, but I fail to miss the informational part of your work. A lot of questions are asked, a serius number of failures and a lot of WHY… but the answers are missing.
    As much as I love your work, this seems over-edited with a focus on the wrong parts of your work and personality.

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