Make a 3D game without knowing 3D! #shorts -

Make a 3D game without knowing 3D! #shorts

Thomas Brush
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#shorts Here’s my simple process of making a 3D game without knowing how to model in 3D!
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  1. Random ukrainian developer in 90s: LETS MAKE 3D GAME THAT DOESNT REQUIRED 3D CARD!

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  3. How do you add the post processing effects, I added them but it isn't making any difference

  4. Ah, yes these tricks are exactly what i needed to make my 3d sci-fi game

  5. So this is why people release shitty mobile games, mmmmmm

  6. I wish I could talk to this man he is a genius I have so many good ideas for games and really want to make them and release them on steam but it so hard and confusing I just wish I could understand it better

  7. "Thomas thomas where did your previous short go?" Some of you brought something to my attention! Yes, you can make a game in 5 minutes IF everything (packages etc) are installed. So my previous short actually was incorrect! Thanks for understanding, I'll make another one that is clearer 🙂 Just trying to be super duper clear and honest and I don't like posting stuff that isn't clear like that.

  8. you really know how to make something so simple look Beautiful

  9. I knew this video was coming lol after he dipped his finger in 3d. Making scenes and projects is cool, but a full 3d game is a different story. Especially one with more realistic environments and models. Its fun, but man is it work. I feel like its almost better to create your own models if you can.

  10. Hey Thomas, are you offering any discounts anytime soon or maybe a payment plan for your course?

  11. Coming from me, a 3D artist, if you want to make a GOOD 3D game you need knowledge on 3D art.

  12. I will try this and see how it will turn out

  13. Simplification is such a powerful tool, even when you end up refining later with 3D. Something I've been learning to really to use in my work. Great that you trying to take away the fear for those who is starting out with Game Dev Thomas! 🙂

  14. Captain Natan Sharp: esplorando il multiverso says:

    Making a real 3d game without knowing 3d? Come on…

  15. Hey Thomas, will you ever make a video about how to compose game music? I love your videos about making 2D art and you made incredible music for your games, I want to know your approach when you make them 🙂

  16. OMG Thank you so much! I just spent hours looking up how to make a good looking terrain but all the tutorials were too complicated for a beginner like me(plus, I didnt have textures & spent another hour looking up how to had textures & make a tree) but thanks to you I know a WAY simpler way to make good looking terrains!

    I do have a question tho: How do you change the color of the cylinder?

    .Your awesome, thanks again!(P.S it might sound like Im over-exaggerating but Im not & even so I dont care).

  17. Man, you are so cool. You are inspiring me to makes my games.

  18. Just realised removing an S from your surname makes you a Bruh.

  19. Very good SHORT and concise explanation 😀

  20. Hi Mr Thomas ..I'm from Egypt and i i love your game ..i want to learn how i make game and animation in game also ..I am very very interested about this ..i registered in link site (fulltime div)
    Want to be good in the industry of games ..I am talent also in voice over ..but i want ask you please
    Which material must be know before
    I take course ..i learned c# ..Is there any material must to learn ..?
    Sorry about my accent ..i talking English little 😊…thx for you

  21. Well, uhm, Then, how to make a game without knowing engine if you have knowledge in 3D ? (≧▽≦)

  22. Instead of placing a cylinder, you can use unity procedural tree creator.

  23. I feel like I've seen this guy in an ad about a game making course

  24. Easy and simple or looks beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ awesome..

  25. Thomas has inspired me to start making my own videos! Such great work.

  26. How do i make 3d characters without knowing how to model 3d?

  27. What render pipeline are you using?

    I see that the grass painter is not supported in HDRP but the built in fog in URP is terrible. Are you using a shader for your fog instead of the built in effect?

  28. hey can send the link to the grass you used for father

  29. i am making a computer game, can someone please tell me how can players share there score on social media

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