Imposter Finale | Among Us hyper-realistic horror 3D animation: Part 3 -

Imposter Finale | Among Us hyper-realistic horror 3D animation: Part 3

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The final conclusion to my Among Us animation series! I’ve got a bunch more stories to tell with these characters, but this is the Finale to this particular story!

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  1. this guys skills are unimaginable

  2. I knew he was gonna blow up the ship, Its the only way the Impostor would be defeated for good

  3. deadass my heart, my soul left my living body thinking he was gonna make it then boom tears, tears dude…


  4. Mod menu and $100000% help you -20000

  5. He had a auto drestruction button of the whole ship inside a pod? Idk if that is genious or really dumb.

  6. This made me cry at the end man! U really have talent!! Keep going!,

  7. Robot pala amg among us hidi ko alam

  8. อรรณพ สังข์วงค์ says:


  9. hey man, In part 1 Black already pulled the knife out of Blue's body … but Part 3 Blue had to do it again .

  10. This is so relistic the animator probably used motion capture to make this

  11. Sad thing is… they just wanna go home , and eat

  12. This is so so so so good??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Omg.

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