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I’m Making A 3D Shooter (It’s Easier Than 2D) – Devlog

Thomas Brush
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In this first episode of my dev log for my new first person shooter “Father”, I discuss how I use assets to quickly make my game look polished, various filters and effects to make things pop, and the plan for future episodes!

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  1. What If I dont want to sell a game on steam, but I want to learn how to sell a course on how to sell a game on steam, can I learn that on your website?

  2. I'm more interested in who edited this video, it's just perfect

  3. title should be when a MOVIE DIRECTOR STARTS MAKING GAMES 😀 Amazing work ma man 🙂

  4. I look forward to following along. I'm also making the jump from 2d to 3d.

  5. I definitely agree that I've found working in 3D easier than working in 2D easier inside Unity. Its just designed for that. I'm sure if you were rolling your own game engine from scratch it would be different (but i'm not trying to do that 😁). Great video, learned a few things, looking forward to seeing more and eventually playing the game!

  6. "3d is easier than 2d" doesn't code the game and doesn't make most of the textures/objects basically just level design

  7. I re-enabled again YouTube notifications so I can watch your videos quickly because they motivate me♡

  8. inspired by half-life.

    father grigori

  9. The camera shaking + cuts + short clips + effect = nausea :/

  10. This video was so good that I'm scared I'm going to get attached to you and you're going to hurt me

  11. Lol 10 seconds and the editing already made me laugh 😂

  12. Studying game design at uni in september and so excited to start working on my own games! This looks amazing Thom! Keep it up x

  13. I start unreal engine and using assets is not like someone say not fair,its just learning and making own game idea,you can use many assets flip but if you have story line and something different that is your game,we all need to start to something

  14. The steam store link is not working. Its not available in my country, I dont know why.

  15. this was hilarious and informational. i kind of want to try making my own now

  16. wow I like this content,

    in your course do you teach about creating basic animations for characters with blender and put them in the game?

  17. "It's easier than 2D"


    oh, you're not coding. nevermind lmao

    all in all, it's actually looking pretty good. big sucker for that kind of old-school ominous atmosphere. The character's movement-physics is feeling quite abrupt tho

  18. 9:11 what a real blender artist does lol
    *deletes the default cube and proceeds to add one by himself

  19. I love the mood of the game you made mate. Great job. Im trying to do something similar.

  20. Please let the man make us rising game designers feel like we are worth something. I bet he can code your 3 year 3D smartass project in 3 days even though his experience may be on 2D, so please it's an inspiring video and it makes game creation seem cool and hip which is something we need. I know y'all are hardcore coders but sometimes you gotta let people dream even though they will inevitably need to face harder facts in the process

  21. “Making a 3D game is easy”
    “I’m not making it”
    Also if you read the description, “check out my games”. Your?
    I’d like to know how much AJ is getting payed.

  22. Me in 1 day: 😀
    This dude in 1 hour: Oh I just made the next GTA before lunch

  23. The game looks great, and I'm looking forward to playing it! By the by, I see you are making the game on a Mac. Will it also be playable on Mac, perhaps even native to M1 Macs? 🙂

  24. Hi Thomas i enjoy watching your videos and your games on switch are great thanks 🙂 I am Unreal Engine user but i like Unity also cheers

  25. sometimes instead of compressing just making the art will look better

  26. "It's so easy"
    Does't code and assetflips the entire game. RIght, so easy.

  27. I agree with you in the graphics opinion, because i found fallout 1 and 2 3D cutscenes graphics pretty atractive

  28. Let's just put the gamedev content and stuff aside for a moment and admire the skill it took to edit this video… I'd love to see this man teach video editing.

  29. The textures aren't compressed, they're downscaled (you loose information) then upscaled with a crappy filter (you extrapolate in the stupidest way with no additional information). Don't confuse bad compression with bad resolution!

  30. So where is the promised link to the developer channel? 😀

  31. I love your videos.. Bro you are the man 👍👍😎😎

  32. I understand the tip about compressing the textures to make things retro/nostalgic, but wouldn't this give you a lot of problems later since your assets will have widely varying pixel densities in their textures? And how would you correct this problem?

  33. Which apple computer is that one and I love avatar

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