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I suck at 3D and REMADE Resident Evil 8 Village… (IN ABOUT A WEEK)

Thomas Brush
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Did I accomplish my goal of re-making Resident Evil 8 Village (Maiden demo) in UNITY with sucky modeling skills?
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Before I get a comment, I *did not* create the end sequence of the lady attacking the player haha. That was just thrown into the edit for fun. Hope that’s obvious 🙂

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  1. Using stock assets is not asset flipping; an asset flip is where several of the same game is released with the assets changed(or flipped) to make it appear to be several different games. This is often confused and can be unfair to the devs. If you are simply making a vertical slice to test a game concept there is no need to produce your own assets.

  2. I would like to make a game- but eh… it's supposed to be a game, where you play a person, and you can choose 1 of 2 answers! I need help with it because I never made a game before, so if someone could help me with developing and… coding or not coding the game, then it would really make me happy, cause I have 0,000000% experiences with those kind of stuff

  3. Dude, you talk too much for nothing, you just use something, is not your idea, so chill bro.

  4. You did a pretty good job on that one that's for sure.

    Now add fixed camera angle + transition between them = Old School RE style for RE 8.

    It's like being a mad scientist.

  5. Damn these inside out normals on the floor 😂

  6. So you have been developing games for over a decade ..
    Has it made you short sighted sitting at your computer and how do you deal with that?

  7. Thomas this is amazing, great work. Is that Peppa Pig at 14:30 on the window?

  8. Good god what nonsesne. "in the past you would have to use maya, in my case I used modular assets" hello Gonzo! how do you think these "modular assets" were created? 😀 If you guessed in a program like maya, max or blender, congratulations!

    You used READY MADE assets. There is no tool that spits out "modular assets" 😀

  9. When you were showing the demo, it kinda felt like asmr

  10. Hey Thomas, I know your games were completed in 2d but I was wondering, with your experience in 3D, if you could talk about the challenges of being a Game Developer in either form?

    I recently got into Game Dev to make the dream game I've had for years, now that I'm here I see so many people creating in 2D, and it's really intimidating because I don't see that format working with the world building mechanics I love so much and want for my final project.

  11. This is pretty cool man, would love to be able to do this

  12. Dude I thought you actually made the assets. You fuck.


    (Two rooms from the demo with slightly edited store assets.)

  14. You did great! You should do this again sometime

  15. I love this video. Thomas you are a badass designer

  16. it remind me a game from Mr.David (Home where one starts)

  17. Well done you are now my hero in game development

  18. Bruh why don't you remake the Silent hill games?! preferably silent hill 1. Bruuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh maaaaaaaakeeeeee theeem pleaaaaaaseeeee

  19. Hi, only just found you and subscribed! Where did you get the amour knight?

  20. That pattern on the floor blur was actually the lack of "Anisotropic" on the texture import settings 😉 For the next time moving up this slider will remove the distance blur on perpendicular surfaces.

  21. Just the word Volumetric kills performance on my main gaming pc.

  22. Cool, so this was like practice before doing FATHER?

  23. Partially success, but thumb up for you anyway. I am interested in your tutorial course.

  24. Aite. Make a wrestling game with your own aki engine and then sell it.

  25. This looks awesome man, great job! Imagine of you would have used HDRP, also i think you missed to enable AA in the post processing stack, or if you did try using Temporal AA. its so much better with the vertical line flickering.
    Also i noticed some stutter when moving and rotating, this is common when the camera is inside the moving and rotating asset, try using Cinemachine that way the camera follows, or making a simple camera follow script.

  26. why the floor tiles are going inside? instead of coming out. I think some problem with the normal map. the floor lacks polish as well(little reflection would make t look nice)

  27. Using 3D assets from store makes this shit go far, far from a REMAKE.

  28. I think you should have lowered mouse sens to make it look smoother lol otherwise great test!

  29. Using assets are extremely necessary I work as a 3d generalist, and I had to make a castle a while back, I found a good castle online for free (with cc0 license) and edited it, cut some pieces, matched others and remade the materials, saved hours and hours of modeling, client doesn't care if you bought/downloaded a couch, the final result matter, no player will care if you made the stuff your self or not, it's like Lego, we all have the same pieces but we can all do different

  30. capcom uses RE Engine to make their games and that's probably the most performant engine, I've ever encountered. I mean if you just take a look a something like DMC 5 which runs 60fps smooth on an xbox even with fast paced combat.

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