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Thomas Brush
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In this Father devlog (#4), I attempt to create 3D enemies live, and pretty much everything broke lol
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  1. I just watched a grown man farting in his microphone for 10 minutes straight and I loved it.

  2. the first time I watched The Thing I remember loving it so much that I watched it 6 times a day every day for a week and a half.

  3. The enemies in this game gives me a vibe of your 2d game Neversong.

  4. The spider looks like the spider head crab from half life 2

  5. You remind me of brendan Fraser when he played the mummy

  6. Wasn't Da Vinci the first person to do the T pose.
    My guy is straight dropping knowledge

  7. It is not that bad making game , it seems funny 😉

  8. Hello Thomas Brush
    I am 13 should I focus on Game Development or studies…
    Please reply..

  9. I love the intro so much, this editor is INSANE i love them

  10. I like the infectious joy you bring to development.

  11. 3d is like a horror monster that doesn't kill you, it just takes away all your time

  12. You should consider using inverse kinematics,it would make the animations look alot better on the new enemies

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