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Thomas Brush
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In this Father devlog (#4), I attempt to create 3D enemies live, and pretty much everything broke lol
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  1. Thomas :- We are making a baby
    Viewers :- Okkkaay
    Thomas :- Then give him 4 legs
    Viewers :- Wait Wt*
    Thomas :- Trust me , TRUST MEEEE
    Viewers :- 👍

  2. “There is stuff inside my baby”
    —Thomas 2021

  3. Thomas :- “Can I give you a kiss”
    Also Thomas :- SHOOTS

  4. Thomas is definitely a kid in an adult body😂

  5. You know that ur making a good horror game when you can’t test it because ur scared

  6. The video is great, BUT (get it?) I kinda felt a bit betraied with the clickbait title, I was going through a project break yesterday (everything was backed up of course) and though you might have gone through the same, but it was just some small glitches. The video is really about fart noises and the name should have reflected that.


  8. One thing I've always loved about game development; is the constant errors that you think should work, then the realization why there was an error

  9. I made a [literally any type of game] and everything broke

  10. these videos are so helpful but entertaining lmao, thanks for the workflow inspo!

  11. Hey Thomas, I quit game development a few months ago. I thought making games for people to play was a waste of their time, and they could perhaps replace that time with knowing what they want in life, like a career or business or literally anything else. Sure, game development is a career, but it's not really helpful for humanity. That's why I quit game development, to make humanity just a little bit, or much greater. I don't want some inspiring words to get back into game development, I want other people to hear this.

  12. your thumbnail is so good that made me sub to you without watching your video

    not joking

  13. haha is that, a flying butt with wings?! 😀

  14. Yes !!
    I really look forward to these videos

  15. I think, there should indeed be an area called Spider Woods, and all the spiders should be frozen or hibernating and once the player triggers something or gets close, all the spiders crack open shred their skin and start crawling towards the player, BEST JUMP SCARE!

  16. Am I the only one here who's like WTF ??!!! lol

  17. You should consider using inverse kinematics,it would make the animations look alot better on the new enemies

  18. 3d is like a horror monster that doesn't kill you, it just takes away all your time

  19. I like the infectious joy you bring to development.

  20. I love the intro so much, this editor is INSANE i love them

  21. Hello Thomas Brush
    I am 13 should I focus on Game Development or studies…
    Please reply..

  22. It is not that bad making game , it seems funny 😉

  23. Wasn't Da Vinci the first person to do the T pose.
    My guy is straight dropping knowledge

  24. You remind me of brendan Fraser when he played the mummy

  25. The spider looks like the spider head crab from half life 2

  26. The enemies in this game gives me a vibe of your 2d game Neversong.

  27. the first time I watched The Thing I remember loving it so much that I watched it 6 times a day every day for a week and a half.

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