Gangster Granny Games: A Retired Devil -
Gangster Granny Games A Retired Devil

Gangster Granny Games: A Retired Devil

The series offers interesting 3D adventures created by Black Bullet Games. The shooters feature an old woman as the main character. But she is not a nice lady who knits socks for grandchildren. She is a daredevil who shoots at police officers, fights with criminals, and robs banks. Welcome to Gangster Granny Games!

Entertaining Trio

There are 3 titles in the series, available on Android and iOS. There are PC versions as well.

Part 1: Beginning of the Story

Part 1 Beginning of the Story

The adventure intrigues from the first moments. Being imprisoned for illegal activities, the woman decides to escape. Only to rob the biggest bank in the city. Pursue the goal by firing at policemen and searching for the right path. The faster you proceed, the more enemies come at you. The dynamic gameplay, fine visuals, and lack of violence. Intertwined with humor and constant action, the 3d Free Game Online made some noise in 2012.

Part 2: Madness (2013)

Part 2 Madness (2013)

Nothing can change or stop this stubborn old lady. A heavily guarded prison failed. And she is once again free to spread terror on the streets. The installment got rid of the plot this time, focusing more on fire-fights and running around. Every location is a small arena, stuffed with finely drawn and bright street elements. Lots of weapons – pistols, rifles, machine guns – and cool graphics make it real mayhem.

The Best of Gangster Granny Games: Part 3 (2016)

The Best of Gangster Granny Games Part 3 (2016)

Robberies, jailbreaks, officer-involved shooting…Can it get any worse for the old lady? Only if a corporation of powerful criminals decides to hunt her down. Why? Play and find out. The arsenal of weapons keeps pleasing users with diversity. Plus the graphics rocks, especially thought-out animations of the woman’s movements.

Gangster Granny Games are not big projects. But they offer everything a decent shooter should have: lots of action and bullet whistling. Wrapped in the original story, they definitely stand out.

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