Game Maker free 3D RTS Engine and Editor Overview -

Game Maker free 3D RTS Engine and Editor Overview

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Download available.
Something else I made quite some time ago.

It’s again one of/an edition/version of my gm 3d rts project(s).

This video gives a brief overview of the capabilities of the editor and the engine.
A map is being made and that one along with some others is being played then.

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  1. all downloads are broken, re upload it plz

  2. The graphics remind me of 1972 Battlefield

  3. It's like a mix of Warcraft and Battle for Middle Earth

  4. I played the game to death. 75% of the day I played WC3:FT. Actually I made a typo. It was supposed to say " Neither had a editor like this from what I had. ". I used the editor.

  5. I have the disk in my drive literally right now. 😮

  6. I had Warcraft 3 AND Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne. Neither had a editor from what I had.

  7. that is from warcraft3 world editor. That is not gamemaker

  8. sooooooooooo I can start my studio making a strat game with this engine for free?

  9. This is map editor from warcraft 3 you idiots

  10. No, he made it in the program Game Maker himself. Masterxilo is a very experienced in GML.

  11. this seems to be a medieval-fantasy engine only, can i create my own models and stuff?

  12. So i can haz make games with this? looks like WC3 map editor though…

  13. nice warcraft 3 World Editor:)

    This isn't a real "game maker" 3d rts it's just Warcraft 3 editor ( and changed some ui of it and ofcourse characters etc.)

  14. thanks, i already downloaded it..but it doesnt work on my PC(windows XP sp3)…
    when i open it, it says, "Unexpected error occured when running the game"..

    but when i try it in other computers, it doesnt show the error but it shows the form with black screen and it is not responding.. so i have to close it through the task manager…

    i really want to use this because we have a project to make a game like this… so pls reply to this… thanks.

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