Game Maker free 3D RTS Engine and Editor Overview -

Game Maker free 3D RTS Engine and Editor Overview

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Download available.
Something else I made quite some time ago.

It’s again one of/an edition/version of my gm 3d rts project(s).

This video gives a brief overview of the capabilities of the editor and the engine.
A map is being made and that one along with some others is being played then.

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  1. It looks to me from this that your melee units AI is pretty retarded.

  2. (ง •̀_•́)ง Kboy33 (ง •̀_•́)ง says:

    can you make an online came with this?

  3. curious… Why does it look like WC3 editor?? like people said? Is this built in Game Maker? Or did you made that editor?

  4. @SimonMOak I used the Warcraft 3 terrain textures.

  5. (ง •̀_•́)ง Kboy33 (ง •̀_•́)ง says:

    @masterxilo CAn you make an online game with this? Like an mmorpg?

  6. (ง •̀_•́)ง Kboy33 (ง •̀_•́)ง says:

    @masterxilo T.T

  7. do u have to download the fcuking sprites

  8. @ZoomoU1 This engine is made by 1 person while Unity 3D is made by 50+ persons.
    This engine whas probably made in less than 6 months while Unity have been developed for several years.

    Hands up…..

  9. lol this looks like the war3 world editor

  10. @BasementBird No it's not, it's just the same textures – I made this and it's not compatible with Warcraft 3 maps. Download it and see for yourself.

  11. @condexa1999
    me 2…
    Generals Zero Hour FTW !!!

  12. just one question before i download,can you create your own unit in this software

  13. @SulaimanWar No. Well you could change the model files, but that's way too complex. You can when I release the source code. So there's no built-in easy way to add unit types.

    Or do you mean can you place the units by yourself? If that's the question, then yes.

  14. warcraft editor warcraft editor warcraft editor warcraft editor warcraft editor warcraft editor warcraft editor warcraft editor warcraft editor warcraft editor warcraft editor warcraft editor warcraft editor warcraft editor warcraft editor warcraft editor warcraft editor warcraft editor… try out reading the top comments…

  15. @KMT698 It's funny indeed, but this is really just using the same ground textures.

  16. None, it's another program that uses the same ground textures.

  17. I'm really sorry it doesn't work for you, please don't get frustrated, nobody wants this to happen. I don't have time to track down and fix that error some people seem to have right now. You can try playing with the compatibility settings or try on another computer.

  18. xD I love the Warcraft Editor look 😀 WC3 FOREVER BITCHES! <3

  19. can i get this for free??

  20. thanks, i already downloaded it..but it doesnt work on my PC(windows XP sp3)…
    when i open it, it says, "Unexpected error occured when running the game"..

    but when i try it in other computers, it doesnt show the error but it shows the form with black screen and it is not responding.. so i have to close it through the task manager…

    i really want to use this because we have a project to make a game like this… so pls reply to this… thanks.

  21. nice warcraft 3 World Editor:)

    This isn't a real "game maker" 3d rts it's just Warcraft 3 editor ( and changed some ui of it and ofcourse characters etc.)

  22. So i can haz make games with this? looks like WC3 map editor though…

  23. this seems to be a medieval-fantasy engine only, can i create my own models and stuff?

  24. No, he made it in the program Game Maker himself. Masterxilo is a very experienced in GML.

  25. This is map editor from warcraft 3 you idiots

  26. sooooooooooo I can start my studio making a strat game with this engine for free?

  27. that is from warcraft3 world editor. That is not gamemaker

  28. I had Warcraft 3 AND Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne. Neither had a editor from what I had.

  29. I have the disk in my drive literally right now. 😮

  30. I played the game to death. 75% of the day I played WC3:FT. Actually I made a typo. It was supposed to say " Neither had a editor like this from what I had. ". I used the editor.

  31. It's like a mix of Warcraft and Battle for Middle Earth

  32. The graphics remind me of 1972 Battlefield

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