Free 3D Graphics Apps in 2019 - Free Game Development Series -

Free 3D Graphics Apps in 2019 — Free Game Development Series

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This video looks at the best of free 3D applications in 2019, as part of the ongoing Free Game Development resources. In the event that we’ve covered the application already, you can click learn more to see the video on that app.



  1. For Sketchup, you can only do boolean operations with the paid version, which makes the free version virtually worthless for certain things.

  2. Kudos on the Bforartists mention! I have developed for that a little – and I like their work. Concerning 2.8, they have already forked it and have already done a few hundred fixes to the UI. There are still inconsistencies and details and double entries typical of 2.79 still – and the iconology is being revamped and improved. I still can't use 2.8 easily, but in BFA it's getting better, glad they are still forking 2.8. There was a debate to stop BFA with 2.8, but after using the beta – they decided to continue forking. Which I'm relieved….

    Did you know the Rclick context for the animation editors are unaccessible by default in 2.8? These UI things slip through still.

  3. Important – you can't use Daz commercially without buying their interactive license for each individual asset pack

  4. Been playing with SculptGL since your video on , it , in browser , or as a Chrome APP ( kinda like stand alone , once installed it runs offline in its own window ) , and its seems they compiled win64 exe now as well . I run it as a Chrome app . I like how easy it is to take / make brushes for it and just as a easy to make/ import Matcaps for it.

  5. Is Hexagon free? Btw you should check out Gaea if you haven’t it’s a free terrain generator

  6. Hey Mike, have you considered doing a 3D terrain generator comparison? I've had a hard time sorting out between Terragen, World Creator, World Machine, Houdini, Vue… I've heard good things about Gaea (not to be confused with Gaia)…

  7. You say it: "Meta-Sekoyuh" with the 'koy' part rhyming with "boy". A sequoia is a big-ass ole' Redwood tree.

  8. I suggest checking out the tool Design Doll from Terawell. It's a 3D posing application, while It's primary target is character illustrators and comic artists, but the program is very useful in designing 2D character artwork for games as well.
    The view port has customizable settings which include: perspective, real perspective, orthographic, lens perspective and fake perspective (custom fish-eye).
    Some of the other features are: a customizable character body, preset and custom metcaps, the ability to draw directly on the character body, and cubes that can be placed on the grid to mimic floors, walls buildings, etc.
    It can also load OBJ models which can be resized, rotated and attached to specific areas of the character body, it does not load textures for the imported models though.
    It has a free version, but in order to load save files and export OBJ models you would need the full version which is currently $79.
    The posing is very similar to VRoid, in fact I would consider VRoid as the superior program, if it had Design Dolls' view port options.

  9. Thanks for your videos!
    Met-uh-sa-kwoi-ya. Spline patch modeler, shout out to all you old Hash Animation:Master users 😉 I really enjoy downloading and playing with all the 3d software you review. Amazing the choices available nowadays. I'm a super old school cg artist. Started out with DPaint, believe it or not. Then with 3d it was Turbo Silver, then Turbo Silver became Imagine, then later Imagine for Windows. I believe you can still download it as orphan-ware from
    Also there was this blob modelling software, Impulse, the makers of Imagine had released. That one is still fun to play with. It was available as orphan-ware for awhile, not sure if it's still available, though.
    Blender 2.47 helped get me my first game industry job. My hats off to them for that. I'll quit my yammering now. Thanks again.

  10. I know you mentioned it a few times, but it can't be overstated about how Daz3d will spam you with their products and basically their software is geared almost entirely around selling their models, which don't work very well in any other software package. At least not the rigged versions of their characters. The one redeeming thing about Daz3d software is that it comes with a really good GPU render engine by Nvidia called iRay! iRay used to be a featured, pre-packaged render engine inside Autodesk 3dsmax, but Autodesk has since dropped it in favor of the Arnold render engine. Anyway, if you're looking to throw some polygons at a very decent GPU render engine for your Nvidia card, then iRay is free with the Daz3d software! Again, be very aware that the software itself is NOT a modeling package at all, and its only purpose is to sell you Daz3d character models, which are more or less proprietary, but you could theoretically import your own models to render in that iRay engine too. It should also be pointed out that while Sculptris itself has not been updated it has, in fact, been integrated into Zbrush and received more features in there. Now there is a cheaper version of Zbrush in which you could access the updated Sculptris features too, called Zbrush Core. It's not free, but worth checking out because it's so powerful.

  11. Rocket3F uses the SlimDX framework which hasn't been updated in 8 yrs.

  12. If you want Sketchup offline for free download Sketchup Make from 2017. You can still get it from their site if you search hard enough.

  13. Milkshape was a decent program for the time but the developer was an absolute POS. I'm not going to go into the BS here (you're welcome to look into yourself).

    It supports a lot of (now older) game model formats and next to no other program of the time did. It also performed well enough and had animation, shading and material support. It's still one of the few still functional programs if you want to mod/develop for old titles (like Q1-3, Duke, UT99 and WC3).

  14. MetaSequoia…… Met-uh Seh-koy-uh! 🙂
    Thanks again for this rundown of free 3D apps.

  15. Vroid isn't a human model creator, is only a Lolita creator. Not a single manly looking man can be made in it

  16. Did you tried-covered Teya Conceptor? Formarly Polybrush. It looks really-really impressive in terms of results you can get with very speedy workflow.

  17. Honourable mention to Xnormal….. Not sure what category it would fit under. 😆

  18. ALSO for daz3d to use commerical its complicated its why a lot a people dont use it commercially

  19. In my experience DAZ 'spamming the crap' out of one's e-mail address, like you mentioned twice, is quite overstated. I've been a very satisfied DAZ customer since way back (2005) and never got spammed, certainly not in recent times…

  20. NVIL is not free sadly. I wanted to try it out for retopology, but unless you buy a license, you can't export anything with more than 1k polygons.

  21. Started out with Anim8or, looks dated but still useful

  22. helloeverybodyitsmikeheregamefromscratch lmfao XD

  23. Metasequoia (seh koy ya) is the easiest modeling program I've tried, easier than Sketchup. You should make a video on it. Only downside is the proprietary file format in free version

  24. New subscriber. Good video with a lot of great information. I watched the OpenGL video and i'm going to look into that one more. I'm fairly new to digital sculpting etc. I have Blender and sculptris and am trying to my brain wrapped around those especially blender. Also, I have recently gotten into 3Dprinting using TinkerCad but I want to be able to sculpt and print my work. Looking forward to more. Thanks!

  25. Played UT in the 90's. Tried the editor created a level even got it played and reviewed. But it just wasnt intuitive enough 4 me. This new editor many moons later does appeal. I am jumping back in. The free texture packs have a huge part of that. I really don't see hobbyists spending a whole lot on these packs as.good as they are. Thank you much to those who did provide an old ut mapper a way back in with the texture packs.

  26. meh-tah-seh-kwoi-yah, a sequoia is a type of very large tree, meta means self-referential, so it doesn't really make sense but what the hell

  27. Blender isn't a good option for beginners. And 2.8 is nowhere near useable for anything outside of small projects. You should be using 2.79b still. And someone learning 2.79b is gonna be annoyed, and then having to learn blender 2.8 after 2.79b is learnt… is gonna make em super annoyed. Wait until the official 2.8 release of blender, in the meantime start trying the other 3d modelling programs on the list. Then when 2.8 is out and proper you can compare and see if its all that people crack it up to be….you might be surprised at the answer you get.

    In terms of the vse of blender that's what I have used for all my video projects, I have a tutorial series covering it. You will need to learn ffmpeg.exe and supplementary programs (image editors and daws like audacity) in order to make the vse a viable option for video editing, and even then it has its limitations. 2.8 is likely to further, if not completely, break alot of the addons for the vse as well so that's something to be concerned about….so is the fact they have revamped some of the vse to mimick the big name editors without actually adding any new features or utility to mimick those programs….which is retarded.

  28. "meta seh koy ah" 4 …is the pronunciation 😉

  29. Seh-Koi-Yah, say it with me: SEH like Set, like settings, KOi like Koifish, Yah, like yeah but if youre German or Dutch or something.

  30. You don't have to sign up for Daz newsletters, then again if you don't you will not know when they have sales and offer freebies, as well as their holiday events with many freebies. Also the forums have a free section that many artists offer items through. The program was originally designed to be a render machine only, with a seperate software for modelling. Also, lately they have made many advances to help with model creation and have advanced in dynamics and animation. The program is still evolving. I know this because I have been using it for almost 15 years, since version 1.7 Although I like you channel so far, seeing how you dropped the ball regarding Daz, might I suggest you do further research on the software you do video's about.

  31. 1:20 it doesn't edit video. It only sort of does 2D. It's strength is using blocks and balls to make stuff.

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  33. Mike: In order to get DAZ 3D, you will have to register using an Email address and they are going to spam crap out of that address
    Me who once thought to try DAZ 3D: So f***king true

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