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Flappy Bird Flash Game

Extremely Hooking Flappy Bird Flash Game

Created by Dong Nguyen (a Vietnamese developer) in 2013, the side-scroller sparked some hype. And not only because of boomingly successful content. When the title went viral, it started to earn thousands of dollars per day. So he made an unusual decision. And removed it from the App Store and Google Play. Why? He believed it was too addictive and mentally dangerous. In any case, it didn’t stop others from copying the idea. Now Flappy Bird flash game is available without downloading. The browser-based adventure keeps making lots of fans obsessed with the challenge.

Why All the Fuss?

The secret of the on-screen toy is in its simple concept. You have a bird and a goal: fly as long as you can. But the journey is filled with pipes. Hitting them kills the poor guy and makes you start anew. Keep airborne by clicking on the Space bar or screen. Find the balance between the frequency of your movement and gravity. It drags the character down, increasing the chances of crashing. As the frenzy difficulty is beyond most players’ abilities, an easy mode was introduced. Having no end, it is a nice way to kill time.

Flappy Bird Flash Game: Now Online

Want to try this legendary hit yourself? It is easily found online and doesn’t need any installation. Play on reliable websites to avoid turning harmless entertainment into a disaster. It is true – modern Internet technologies make it harder for viruses to penetrate systems. But malware keeps finding new ways to hurt devices. So, caution first.

Here are some interesting facts about the original adventure:

  1. Initially, critics bombarded it with negative reviews. Metacritic gave it only 54/100, which made its later breakthrough a marvel.
  2. When the title disappeared from the stores, some users decided to benefit from it. And tried to sell smartphones with the pre-installed toy at unbelievable prices. The highest bid was $90.000.
  3. It is one of the most cloned adventures.

And while you enjoy the Flappy Bird flash game, remember that it is very addictive.

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