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Duty Taxi Driver City 3D Game

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Taxi Driver Duty City 3D Game is the new best free simulator of 2014!

Be the fastest racing taxi driver around the city and drive your passengers to their destination. Pick up passengers without killing them and drive like crazy through the streets to be in the top of the online leaderboards in this new 3d free driving simulator. In Taxi Driver Duty City 3D Game drifting and racing will help you to save some time and earn more money. Parking your car in the green zone is very important and fun!

Ever wanted to feel like a taxi driver from New York City or San Francisco? Now you are racing in the fun driver’s seat! In this free taxi simulator you have to drop passengers onto their destination before time runs out. Drift, reach extreme speed, race and earn money to reach the top of Taxi Driver Duty City 3D Game’s leaderboards and be the best of your friends!

Taxi Driver Duty City 3D Game features:
– Realistic car control and physics
– Incredible stunt jumps
– Integrated GPS
– Full taximeter
– Different extreme missions
– 2 game modes
– Online leaderboards

Thanks to TeknoAXE for their free music.


  1. Extreme car driving simulator new update new cars AMG one 25000$, Mitsubishi lancer Evolution x20 blueprints, Bugatti Chiron 100000$, bmw Z4 15 blueprints,Tesla model x 35000$.New city:New York new update,San Francisco new update in tunnel.New Game mode Chase mode, Escape mode,And nitro requiredPls update new version

  2. wait wasnt their like carintraffic trailer and extreme car driving sim trailer videos iswear isaw thoes

  3. Axesinmotion suggestion you should make all your car games local multiplayer so you can drive in the same map as one another

  4. Another suggestion make/add more maps to your off-road game and extreme car driving simulator such as sand dunes or mountains for off-roading and maybe racing circuit or baja track for racing

  5. AxesInMotion? Can you please add better graphics and less lag into Extreme Car Driving Racing Simulator 2015?

  6. Love your games. I met the Lead Dev on his new game


  8. Thanks axesinmotion dude, i rated the gameplay ever

  9. Axes InMotion, can you please can you help me how to get this game?

  10. wait its that extreme car driving simulator in 2014 its old city

  11. I love this game really . Bro can you make a Extreme Bike Driving Simulator because your car game all perfect . I think you can make a bike game also . Please make it your big fan ❤️❤️❤️

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