Doom WASN'T 3D! - Digressing and Sidequesting -

Doom WASN’T 3D! – Digressing and Sidequesting

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So I’ve wanted to expose the horrible, hideous lies of DOOM for years and now that a new DOOM just came out, I finally got my chance. Here goes – DOOM isn’t 3D! But in all honesty, it is amazing how DOOM’s designers helped progress the industry with their creative programming on how to synthesize a 3D experience.

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  1. You know what annoys me? I don't get to actually see comments discussing the video only rips and yes that's cool but I want to see discussion on these videos, there really interesting

  2. Genuinely such a good show and a amazing man. Rip Ronnie

  3. Who would win:
    – "Doom is not 3D, Doom is not 3D, Doom is not 3D, the processor thinks that Doom is 2D"
    – Some hairy brown boi throwing fireballs that are flying over the doomguy's head while not hitting him

  4. Ive never seen ronnies vids but he seems like a nice guy. Rip ronnie :/

  5. Doom is 3d game!!!!!
    3D enemy hiboxes in 3d space, 3d exit board in map 5…and also…every vertical things
    Mayby gameplay of (vanilla version) with double cheat iddt looks like topdown shooter but it isn't…firest person perspective change everything here
    Good luck with 3d hitboxes in 2d space!!!!!
    Game is just translated on 2d for…easier programming and stuff like this much like build games
    Wolfenstein is 2d topdown shooter but…no doom!!!!

  6. Why I am even watching youtube right now says:

    RIP Ronnie, May He Rest in peace

  7. That secret not horible bro its amazing becauss they can turn 2d game into 3d

  8. to the people saying "you probably don't even know who Ronnie is" that doesn't matter. that doesn't matter. THAT DOESN'T MATTER. just because you don't know someone that doesn't stop you from supporting someone. just because you didn't have to go through a suicide DOESN'T MEAN YOU CANT SUPPORT SOMEONE.

  9. Dude is being way too esoteric and injecting his opinion. Doom was 3D, it had movement in the X,Y, and Z axis and was very much considered by the standard of the time a 3D game.

    Yes it performed a variety of 2D routines and other tricks to simulate 3D space. But if you simply play Doom now or even back in the day you should easily see that it looks and plays like any other 3D game. But with some aiming and moving limitations.

    The maps themselves are BSP nodes which are flat polygons then rendered to a set height or depth. Doom is 3D end of story.

  10. CERJ Media: Edited Gameplay and Compilations says:

    How have I only now seen this? This is a really cool video. I love the videos that go into the details of programming and taking a look under the hood. This style of video is amazing and I would love to see more!

    Like, I know that some other channels also talk about this kind of stuff, and I do really like those videos as well, but I like the style of the editing of Ronnie, it's all really cool. Maybe one day, someone will be able to go back and continue this series or continue this style of video both in Ronnie's honor, and just because this is really cool. Maybe some might see it as "disrespectful" to try and imitate Ronnie's style, which is why they just left it as is after he passed, but I don't know, it's still all really cool stuff so yeah.

  11. Rest easy my dude. Even after all these years have passed. We're still coming back to rewatch.

  12. Repeat after me:


  13. Wow this video is incredible and hurts my mind at the genius required to make engines like this! RIP Ronnie 🙁 God bless you – Please guys, if you're struggling, please speak out. You're never alone, your life is infinitely valuable and absolutely worthy of love. Reach out, even if it's on here. There is hope, even in the darkest moments.

  14. infact computer's are not made for 3d

  15. Yeah but you could argue we don’t really see it’s just a perception from photos and a mental construction.

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