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Dinosaur Hunter – Carnivores Dinosaur Games 2021 3D – Android Gameplay #4

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Dinosaur Hunter 2021 Carnivores Dinosaur Games 3D by Dream Dust Games

Dinosaur Hunter – Carnivores Dinosaur Games 2021 3D – Free & Offline for Android & iOS

Part 4: Gameplay Walkthrough 1-3 Levels
Part 3:

Enjoy a variety of dinosaurs, a large assortment of weapons and realistic graphics! Choose your unique dinosaur like Triceratops, Velociraptor or the ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex await you in the realistic Dino Hunter dinosaur simulator!

On the screen of your smartphone, you will find many different types of the scariest dinosaurs, from the smallest to the largest! Collect and use various weapons to fight predatory dinosaurs: Spinosaurus, Dilophosaurus and many others. Play and win different missions! Start hunting a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex, a bloodthirsty Velociraptor or a small compsognathus! The game includes many unique missions, each with different dinosaurs, as well as weapons to help you hunt them!

The game contains all the most famous and impressive dinosaurs you have ever seen in movies and videos: Trex, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus and even the biggest predator – Trex. Unlike many other phone games, this game combines intuitive controls with great graphics and interesting missions.

Dino hunter game combines 4 modes, which allows you to hunt ancient dinosaurs for people in the 1st person, dinosaur simulator in the 3rd person, and also watch how dinosaurs under the control of artificial intelligence survive in the jungle on their own. Each of the modes is unique and provides the player with different opportunities and challenges. So, for example, in the dinosaur simulator mode for a dinosaur, the player will need to take care of the needs of his lizard: hunger, thirst, energy, as well as health, thanks to which the game will create unique dinosaur simulator stories every time.

High resolution textures & dynamic shadows & realistic 3D models & quality sounds make Dino Hunter one of the most beautiful Jurassic dino hunter game on your mobile device!

Dino Hunter is not only an excellent dinosaur simulator with a bunch of all kinds of dinosaurs, but also a well-optimized game that can run on the weakest device, and a flexible system of settings will allow you to play comfortably on any device!

Dino Hunter game has a large number of different dinosaurs: Ankylosaurus & Velociraptor & Compsognathus & Oviraptor & Dilophosaurus & Troodon & Parasaurolophus & Spinosaurus & Stegosaurus & Triceratops & of course the mighty Tyrannosaurus! Each of the dinosaurs has 3 unique skins that the player can purchase by completing various tasks. Of course you can play for each of them in the mode Dinosaur Simulator

Also, the player will be provided with various firearms: USP Elite & Desert Eagle & Magnum & MP5 & M16 & AK-47 & CM901 & SVD & TRG!



  1. I like this game, this game also has dinosaur simulator mode, will you play this?

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