CopperCube 6.5 Released - An Extremely Easy & Free* 3D Game Engine -

CopperCube 6.5 Released — An Extremely Easy & Free* 3D Game Engine

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CopperCube 6.5 was just released for Windows and Mac. This easy to use game engine now has HighDPI support, an updated UI and more.

* Well, generous free option anyways…


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  2. this is the most trash engine that i ever used

  3. I have been waiting for the Coppercube update… 🤩it is here finally.

  4. Obviously it’s not unity, unreal or godot but for what it is, it’s very good. Very versatile engine that has been around for a long time tha doesn’t really have any issues as long as you don’t care about latest graphics.

    Definitely stands out from numerous other small engines that you may find as in this one is actually proven to work. Great choice to learn and get started with basic (or more advanced if youre willing to go there) gamedev imo.

  5. I'm using coppercube game engine currently to develop a game and its a really good game engine, really good drag and drop interface and very easy to understand… Not as good as the likes of Unity, Unreal and Godot but pretty nice engine👍👍

  6. I gave this a go many years back and wasn't too impressed but I keep meaning to try it again as it's clearly advanced since then. With you liking it, maybe now is the time.

  7. Hey, just wanted to point out that whenever I see your website I unfailingly read the title as deugame instead of DevGame. Sometimes it reads as Deu Ga Me like some sort of foreign name. I'm not really sure lol, but you might want to find a different typeface for the logo.

  8. o3de also just got a first stable release, might be nice to check i think.

  9. What scares me is that they say you'll have to change your scripts if you increase the FPS…… So does that mean everything in the engine is frame based rather than time based? That seems unacceptable to me in 2021.

  10. Can we have maybe the list of all the easy to use game engines comparison? Or is it already done? Thank you very much.

  11. Not open source and no Linux support so what is the point of this software? Just collect your data and let kids make shitty games

  12. CopperCube has one MAJOR problem…
    IT'S UGLY !!!
    It's had this problem for a while – and this problem
    doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon.

  13. For low spec pc/laptop user, this is the best game engine

    Edit: I means 3d game engine

  14. This game engine has some what I would call basic features (drop down to say choose a sound trigger zone) that I honestly througt Unity would have in 2020 when I started my own development journey. Felt like I had to reinvent the wheel in Unity for things that everyone needs in a title. Makes me feel even more annoyed at Unity for being so distracted with buying tools to make movies etc. and not adding some of the basic things we see here. I am locked and loaded with Unity for now, but will be looking for an alternative on my next project. Cannot be this tool as it seems to be missing XR components. Thanks as always Mike for bringing these sorts of tools to light.

  15. how do you think this would handle multiplayer?

  16. And as per usual: Why? If Unity and Unreal?

  17. A really good entry engine, I've done a bunch of projects in I, could use some more integration with admob etc in the Android sector but really good as a demo project engine.

  18. As someone who definitely wants to develop 3D games at some point in the future, CopperCube really looks like it’ll be my first choice, entirely because of its simplicity.
    (I’ve tried working with Unity in the past, and I always walk away frustrated.)

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