Car Stunts 3D Free Extreme City GT Racing Mega Ramp #2 -

Car Stunts 3D Free Extreme City GT Racing Mega Ramp #2

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Car Stunt 3D Game is an extreme racing game that gives you a unique experience of fast and furious racing. When racing against the clock, don’t forget that time is waiting for no one. Develop your car to feel the speed and score as many Grand Prix wins as possible.
To enjoy the game to the fullest, you can challenge yourself and make each race count by performing some crazy stunts with racing cars. Show the perfect drifting or exciting 360-degree turn that will delight everyone.

Don’t miss this epic game because…

– High-quality graphics even on phones with low technical characteristics.
– FPP mode is enabled to give players a real car racing experience.
– Easy-to-learn physical controls and mechanics.
– Intuitive crazy car stunts with fast response.
– A great chance to become a professional stunt driver and master every game mode.
– Nitro power-UPS to feel the madness of huge trucks in a precise driving simulator.

A few tips before the race:

– Use the button to move left or right. You can also choose the steering wheel and pedal for more realistic and dynamic driving.
– Climb the hills to reach the mountain before the time runs out.

The clock is ticking. While you are here, other racers have already started their races.

Download Car Stunts Racing 3D for free now and show everyone what you have.


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