Beginners Guide to Learning 3D Computer Graphics -

Beginners Guide to Learning 3D Computer Graphics

Blender Guru
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Watch the new donut beginners tutorial, remade for Blender 2.8:

Interested in learning 3d animation, gaming, VR or 3d printing but don’t know where to start? This video will give you an introduction to the topic of 3D from a complete beginners perspective, and explain why (IMO) all beginners should start with Blender.


  1. His channel name is blender guru and guru is indian word 😁


  3. i found this video frst so ill watch this guys full 1000000000 vids toturial

  4. after 5 years..i stop learning at the donut wiggling

  5. You are so helpful ❤️❤️
    Amazing… Really appriciete you.

  6. Thank you so much, this is the first video I watched to learn 3D, feeling comfortable to enter this huge world I know nothing about

  7. Fantastic and very helpful

  8. I just learned 3d drawing and wanted to advance in the 3d entertainment zone, this channel looks promising XD

  9. Bro please can you teach me how to make GMV animation

  10. Do i need to learn coding for animation professional.

  11. This guy is very helpful, I am even getting closer to making an active movie and when I make it, I will give him some credit for it 🙂🙂🤗🤗☺😋😊

  12. Can i run blender smoothly on
    rx 580 8gb
    Ryzen 5 2600
    16gb ram

  13. Damn now i randomly have the motivation to do 3D animation

  14. Brother, your channel is the most important one that I follow now. Creators like you are the core of YouTube. Especially for the impact of what you do in spreading the knowledge you have with no cost. I am directing my positive energy towards you and wish you all happiness and peace.

  15. A good mentor is very hard to find.

  16. Thank you so much for providing so much for us…. The minute I finished watching this video I subscribed your channel… I really love animations… please help all of us

  17. 6:41
    me:*clicking to watch Caminandes*
    video:*pauses playing*

  18. "bunch of guys using blener in there garash will be the nexst pixsar" fuck ima girl

  19. Pls can you give me the basics to be a developer… laptops,wat and wat etc

  20. Anjirr guru kok pake bahasa indo?kenap gak teacher bro?

  21. I'm gonna use my skills to reanimate a dancing dragon jumping in a CAAC

  22. i want to be in the 3d animation and make movies-little animations

  23. Am I the only one who noticed the Pixar Marionette ( proprietary ) sounds like
    Marinette except without o… Marinette from miraculous if you didnt get it

  24. Can blender be downloaded in android phones???
    Plzz tell me

  25. I also want to learn blender for my youtube

  26. Is it possible for me(full beginner) using today blender that is free, create 2 hour 30 munites full Michael Jackson's concert This Is It in 3D with good quality,special effects,moving lights and visuality? And in theory how much time will this take? Because Im huge fan of MJ and i so upset that this tour never used to be real…(

  27. I want to be a great 3D Animator in the future.

    My goal in University is Animation.

  28. Wow. Really fantastic awesome intro bro. U hv nice scome in dialogue , story writing

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