Aikun Morphus X300, Gaming Tablet on Allwinner A83 with Glasses-free 3D display -

Aikun Morphus X300, Gaming Tablet on Allwinner A83 with Glasses-free 3D display

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Aikun shows their new Morphus X300 gaming tablet, custom built on the Octa-core Allwinner A83 ARM Cortex-A7. It has gamepad controls over 2.4Ghz that are attachable on each side of the display, a rotating camera and a 8″ IPS 1280×800 glasses-free 3D display. The retail price is targetted at $299, ready for mass production in the next couple of weeks, distributors can welcome to contact Aikun for more information below:

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Website :
Contact information :
Tel.: (+86) 6110 2468 – 6110 2858
Factory Address:
A2 building, Lianhe Industrial Park, Fengtang Road,
Fuyong, Baoan, Shenzhen, China


  1. Wenn ich das hier so sehe, sieht das nichtmal soooo ganz innovativ aus.

  2. somebody knows the name of the game he is playing?

  3. WOW. Nintendo is ripping off chineese product! how pathetic..

  4. wait what it has 3d screen? holy shit i really want this. fuck nintendoge

  5. japan copying from chinese companies…

    nintendo is officially pathetic

  6. Really, nobody cares what Nintendo's console itself is, it could be an electronic bottle of dog turds and the weebs will still buy it for Mario and Zelda and stuff like that.

  7. Everybody con stick two tiny controllers to a tablet. But keeping alive characters like Mario and Zelda all this years… there's only one company who could have done it. #noshorcutstosuccess #thinkbig

  8. wow what a ripoff of switch & 3ds, it also had the glasses free 3d thing.

  9. ゲーム研究者のケイトショウ says:


  10. Morphus X300 → NINTENDO SWICH (NEW!!)
    LIFE → 運命ゲーム
    Space Invaders → Space fever
    XaviX → NINTENDO Wii
    Monster Rader → Pokemon GO

  11. So this is pre released Nintendo swich in 2015. lol

  12. "You can make more happy for using your game." That should be Nintendo Switch's slogan.

  13. here's a joke

    who sues first, nintendo or aikun?

  14. i imagine going to comic con 2017

    i can see everyone brought over their nintendo switches and then some dude brings a morpheus and be like WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!!

  15. People must understand that in the whole entertainment industry, almost everything copied another thing at one point, it's impossible to create something 100% original nowadays.

    Nintendo fanboys should stop thinking that Nintendo is so innovative and everyone copies from them, many of their creations are stuff that already existed in some form, Nintendo just made them popular, also, Nintendo also copied popular stuff.

  16. Any people can think, hey! nintendo copy this idea, but it's not true. In past play on tv was posible and Nintendo offer a fresh idea based on your goods consoles and remove your weak point.
    Who cares if the same or similar. The important is the good ideas the goods games and more than ONE option.

    Sorry for my english, i'm from Venezuela.

  17. Yeah, because Nvidia Shield Tablet 2 was cancelled in August 2016. Which means that Nintendo had to plan and pitch the idea for the switching within one year of this video. Something tells me the morphus x300 is nothing more than a patent hound.

  18. So, this is where Nintendo got their idea for Nintendo switch

  19. I got here because of butt hurt Sony fanboys.

    I still like my Switch way more than this.

  20. First of all, as a gamer I prefer to see a two touchpads instead of or in addition to this two joysticks on the "joy-cons". And 3D mode must to be automatically turning "on" for eny 3D game, wich is running on the tablet from the driver.

  21. what kind of switch is this???? XDDDD nintendo innovation

  22. So this is basically a switch mixed up with a 3ds but before the switch

  23. So it's basically a shitty Nintendo switch?

  24. If you didn’t buy one your an asshole that guy spent a lot of time on you trying to get you to buy it

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