Adventure Quest 3D First Impressions "Is It Worth Playing?" AQ3D -

Adventure Quest 3D First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?” AQ3D

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First impressions of the Cross Platform MMORPG Adventure Quest 3D
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Adventure Quest 3D is a re-imagining of the original web browser game, It’s a cross platform MMORPG that allows people to play together from PC, Mac, Andriod or iOS, This game initially released in early access on Steam back in 2016 and due to seeing more people request it recently I’ve decided now is the time to jump in and see if it’s any good, as of making this video the game is sitting at mostly positive reviews overall and seems to have a fairly stable player population

What do you think about Adventure Quest 3D? Do you think this is a good cross platform MMO worth playing? does the combat get better later on? let me know in the comments below!

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—Adventure Quest 3D Steam Description—

AdventureQuest 3D is re-imagining of the original web browser game
Updated (almost) weekly!
A true cross-platform massively multiplayer game that allows you to play your character, on the same world as your friends, from your PC, Mac, Android, and Apple iOS devices.

Set in the most dangerous era of AdventureQuest’s timeline, the world has come under attack by a mysterious new threat. Answer the call and travel to the legendary town of Battleon where you will discover unusual characters, incredible adventures, horrifying puns, and a world story line so big that you will have to help us write it as we go… did we mention regular updates?
Special Events! – Live events, Seasonal Events, Friday the 13ths… we love Friday the 13ths.
Multi-Class! Collect, rank up, and switch between classes at any time
Evolving World – regular updates with new stories, areas, monsters and weapons
Travel Forms – Why ride a mount when you transform into one?
Real Time Combat
Pets – Get a personal tiny stalker O_O
PvP – Duels available now, group fights coming soon.
Cross-Platorm – Play your character, on the same world, from your PC, Mac, Android, Apple iOS phones & tablets.

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Adventure Quest 3D First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?” AQ3D


  1. I used to play AQW with a friend called 'Whoopsers" or something, I wonder how he's doing.

  2. Spare it Mr.Peon! It's just a browser game with it's various ups and downs evolved into a MMORPG(supposedly)

  3. I love this game series. I streamed this game last night. I don't care what you say, if you played Adventurequest3d you will like this mmo.

  4. The class system, and completely different from how you explained you, you can swipe the first 3 starter classes at any time, while the others to unlock them you have to collect "class token" by completing the corresponding daily of that class, and you can do only one class daily at a time then to unlock all classes you have to do them one at a time, currently reaching rank 10 allows you to unlock the "cross skill" the cross skill is a special class skill that can be used regardless of the class you are currently using, some cross skills are useful in other classes unlike others , then now they have raised the cap to 100 rank for each class but they are only purely cosmetic levels it is not necessary that you do them necessarily, the only thing required to have the class at 100% of the potential and bring it to rank 10 at the most.

  5. Kinda sad that this game has less appealing visuals than Wizard 101, yet this game was released nearly a decade later from Wizard 101.


  7. If you enjoy playing this game, you better check Villagers and Heroes out

  8. i remember even spending money on the amulet from dragonfable and a pack of AC coins from adventure quest worlds for the dragonslayer class

  9. Good mobile, no. Good one was Chaos & Order 2, better than most of PC games. Not supported atm. :/

  10. Its been 3 yrs seens i play that but i forgot my password its lvl 30 and too rare drops that i have welp new acc

  11. I see people in the comments reminiscing on the past of the game, but is anyone here currently playing it??

  12. "Allows people to play from PC, MAC, ANDROID, and IOS" At that moment you know its going to be shit.

  13. This mmo is rare, its kinda look like RuneScape ish

  14. Artix Entertainment has always had some artist guest star in their games. I remember Voltaire the first time I played the browser version. Before that it was a flash game but I don't think they had concerts. It was their early years of Adventure Quest. I'm so grateful to have seen them come this far.

  15. I missed the old 2D internet one why this ?

  16. still in my top 3 favs next to eso and ff14

  17. Can anyone kindly advise on this title for a nine-year-old? He was playing Roblox, but we now know better. Toxic as all get out.

    Also, is this pay to win? Even if there IS a VIP or sub option that's fine so long as benefits are cosmetic, or at the most, an xp boost


  18. the best thing of you and your videos you start right off with your content without a long annoying intro or something like hei guys how are you its me…… love it

  19. By the way, you unlock classes when you get to the certain part of the story area, then you can farm class tokens with class daily quests (beginning classes are all free). You can pay with dragon crystals but you really shouldn't. Dragon crystals can be collected from daily quest and you can stash them and buy a cool cosmetic armor (armor set) or a weapon or sumn. Also when you turn an item from a chest you can turn it into chest shards which you can buy items that are obtained from the chests. (Also you are getting chests every time you level up and daily chests too)

  20. That into gave me major aq world vibes, I dig it! Feeling so nostalgic looking at this old game that I poured so many hours of my life into.

  21. Ive purchased games on Instant Gaming for steam that have been revoked by steam so I cannot play them anymore. Just saying.

  22. As simple as it is, I always find myself playing it over any other MMO out there, no idea why lmfao.

  23. I played the fuck outta adventure quest 3d now that I am 28 years old and soon I am going to be 30 years old and I am going to be still playing it when I am 30 years and I am going to still be playing it when I am 35 years old also

  24. It became clear while watching this video that you aren't familiar with the adventure quest series of games and I must say I am both surprised and a little bit disappointed. Not knowing adventure quest is like not knowing about runescape, its iconic in early online computer gaming history.

  25. Adventure quest worlds, despite its flaws, has a special place in my heart

  26. Is this the game that has rock band concerts ingame?? I seem to remember watching a video about that a year or two ago? Have I got the right game??

  27. I actually really liked the browser. Good story, good gameplay mechanics IMO.

  28. if artix see this i am sure he will cry, he only wants awesome review ahaha

  29. Im still playing aqw and im playing aq3d in mobile its much more easier

  30. Peon you are # 1 YouTuber ever. Stay cool 😎👍

  31. I thought he was ESO but just another ginger dude playing games😂

  32. Have started playing this game last year
    And omg they are epic
    Cool animation
    Awesome cosmetics, that we can sometimes get for free

  33. They even provide free cosmetics daily and everytime we level up

  34. "I wonder how much Breaking Benjamin had to pay for this marketing"


  35. AQ Browser Version is what we 30+ year olds played back in middle school bc we didn't have credit cards to play EQ. And for the excellent spoof of the genre that it is, AQ slaps hard.

  36. Remember seeing an in game concert of Paul and Storm in Adventure Quest Worlds years ago

  37. I always loved AQWorlds! Still have an account that I may try and jump into just to see how its going. Played this game back in 2016, it really has come quite far!

    I think its important to note the appeal of Artix Entertainment games has always been its combination of F2P content coupled with the fact that the games require such a low download that even those who have a monthly internet usage limit wouldn't even see a dent. It used to be entirely browser based games. They had to make their own launcher when Flash became unsupported. But the entire thing is mere MB in memory and takes less than 10 mins. And thats me with shit internet! All things considered, their mmos are probably some of the most forgiving as free to play.

    It is true that the games gameplay is super repetitive (whether its 3D or the original AQWorlds) but they try to make up for it with their boss drops as well as the many events throughout the year, as seen here with a Breaking Benjamin event. I remember seeing OneEyedDolls countless events in Worlds back in the day.

    I'm sure the progress in this game is going to continue to skyrocket. Though there are a few of their other games they seem to have stagnated on quite a lot… But the medieval fantasy seems to be their wheel house.

  38. I was a closed beta tester it has improved soo much now ive got the Founder title i remember when there was 5 testers on the only one server at one time and sometimes no other testers

  39. What the fuck imiss this game 😭😭😭

  40. I don't even play videos. The only MMO I played was AQ and AQ worlds. So happy to see it's still going strong!

  41. I don't know this youtuber, but this is such a great review. Like I don't remember the last time I enjoyed a review so much. And you showing your game play experience really makes people understand your reasoning when you do the summary at the end. Good shit

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