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3D Game Kit

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We’re thrilled to announce the 3D Game Kit, the latest free package for game designers, teachers and students alike. A set of tools, mechanics and assets to make your own 3D platformer game without writing code, along with a ready-made game using the kit for you to learn from.

Download the 3D Game Kit from the Unity Asset Store here –

Read the full manual on our Learn website here –

And join the discussion on our forum thread –


  1. next up, just press this button, and we'll do the creativity for you

  2. As if there wasn't already enough reasons to love Unity

  3. This is really nice but I love coding myself

  4. So this is teaches you nothing about coding? Meh….

  5. 🎵IM SO HAPPY🎵
    🎵 IM SO HAPPY🎵

  6. Sure, do all the hard work of creating a game without the payoff off learning useful transferable skills 🙂 Just learn a little coding and industry standarts ffs…

  7. Good for prototyping, but please my fellow unity developers, don't end up like the unreal "developers" flipping assets. It is embarrassing. Do not forget that flipping asset gives you no skills and makes you unemployable. Real developers do not need all these, we develop from scratch and learn real skills that can be transferred to different projects and even different industries.

  8. "Without having to write any code" – The all-time bigest lie to catch newcomers.

  9. Can it be used for a 3D fighting game locked in a 2D plane ?

  10. I'm amazed by this amazing package! I love Unity and I will always support you! But I simply can't figure out how to fix this bug I have… If I try to install your asset, it only gives me a folder with an empty example scene. I don't have any of the prefabs nor codes. I dunno how to fix this :/

  11. i probably wont use it to make games, but look at your code to learn coding.

  12. If i use this and make my own whole game using only the stuff from this kit but it would be a big game with lots of levels and unique ideas, would it still be a asset flip? or should i do what i was planning with a big game but only have it for personal use and not put it on like Steam or something

  13. This is bad. This will spawn 'full' games out there which will saturate the market to the point of no return. Everyone now can make a 'game'.

  14. Dear Unity,
    I have a favor to ask. Could you do this project with simple assets, no textures, no high poly assets, just the minimal, so we can run this and see if we can learn something from it.
    Don't get me wrong, this looks amazing but I don't have a powerful enough pc to run it properly.
    One more thing, if you could use probuilder to make the levels, it would be cool. Some tutorials on how you made it also would be super cool and welcome.
    Thank you.

  15. I tried to download this and 2 hours nothing happened

  16. Thank you so much this is very useful!

  17. Can we use some models from this kit on our games??

  18. Lots of errors that won't compile when you import into a clean project. Looks like with Cinemachine and the Post Processing. What a fail on Unity's part to have such a dependency on these optionally imported assets.

  19. whenever I try to use this my camera spins uncontrollably. I dont even edit anything… I just drop the scene from the package, push play, and it freaks out the camera. 2018 1.1f1

    please help

  20. This is fantastic, but would be even better, if you could use your own characters, enemies etc..

  21. I would love to get this to learn their ai and how it's programmed. The movement camera here is a simple standard follow camera that doesn't rotate on movement but from mouse input alone. I made one based on other 3d platformers such as Rayman 2 -3, Psychonauts and Mario where the camera rotates when the character moves to the side. I also learnt from a video to use Vector3.SmoothDamp to make a wonderfully smooth following camera and then use slerp on the rotation so the player feels fluid when moving.

    I'd love to rather get this to break down it's components and learn to make them myself. It's what I love best about these kits and games, to figure out how they work or learn to do something similar to then improve and change it into something new and exiting that you enjoy playing yourself

  22. Can it be use for comercial purpose?….
    Or can i use same character without getting banned ?

  23. It is good for people who are starting with unity like me

  24. Well, I suppose the models and textures could be useful — and a programmer who sucks at making 3D models not needing to write code isn't an appealing tag line, but I suppose I could get it for the models.

  25. Can I publish or sell my game using 3D game kit assets?

  26. how did unity make the dropship land when the player moved in level 2. Pls share???

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