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3D Dot Game Heroes Review | The Completionist

The Completionist
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3D Dot Game Heroes mixes parody and nostalgia with its interesting gameplay that tugs at my Zelda roots. Alex Faciane joins me for the 3D Dot Game Heroes review!


About The Game: 3D Dot Game Heroes is an action role-playing video game developed by Silicon Studio for the PlayStation 3. The game is presented using 2D retro-style graphics in a voxel-based 3D environment. The game was published in Japan by FromSoftware in November 2009, and in North America and Europe by Atlus USA and SouthPeak Games in May 2010, respectively.

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3D Dot Game Heroes Review | The Completionist


  1. I still haven't beaten this to this day due to how I always get lost after a certain temple…GREAT GAME THOUGH!

  2. Apples you say?….Sounds like Zelda ripped off 3D Dot Hero in their BotW game 😀

  3. “What’ll it be?”

    “Mario Kart 8!”

    “This is a bar.”

  4. So you’re saying that they made a game after Scott the woz’s outro song?

  5. I like the obnoxious slow-mo to the point of self-parody.

  6. I'm thankful I bought this game at Fry's for 30.00 usd.

  7. fear and loathing in las vegas if no one has ever told you.

  8. The Completionist: Hey guys! I played this game for hour to complete it!
    Everyone else: scott the woz go brrrrrrrrrrr (and breakout too)

  9. bAAAAAAAAAAA bubuda da du du du duuuuuuu du d du du duu du d du du duu duuuuuuu d d d ddd

  10. @18:58 Also The Moon Sword is The Moonlight Greatsword which has been in pretty much every From Software game. Even the item description says “This sword hails FROM another world.”

  11. The irony of this video releasing only 6 days after Scott The Woz Episode 1

  12. These days, the comments are nothing but “fUnNi ScOtT wOz ReFeReNcE”

  13. Hey, doesn't the guy who owns Sonic Jam use one of the songs in this game?

  14. "I don't want to known as the guy who owned Sonic Jam when I'm dead."

  15. Scott the Woz: I could capitalize on that.

  16. its the game that has the song that the guy who owns sonic jam uses

  17. Hey all! Scott here and DAMMIT I OWN SONIC JAM! I mean sure it's a pretty rare game but I don't wanna be known as the guy that owns Sonic Jam when I'm dead.

  18. I kinda like this game, I am not a huge Zelda fan( I guess I am a fan a little) but I like how this game try’s to pay tribute to the old 8 bit rpgs, it is like the shovel knight of Zelda!

  19. Everyone's talking about Hey all scott here, but no one is talking about Hey all Jirard here

  20. I am loling Jirard that was top 5 intros ever for this channel.

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